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Danny Elfman, Mogwai, 65daysofstatic and more to feature in the 2015 Adelaide Festival!

The 2015 Adelaide Festival has once again pulled a huge punch and launched a program to be envied, with the full program launching in Adelaide this evening. From music to visual arts, from dance to theatre productions, David Sefton and his team have assembled some world class talent to converge on Adelaide's artistic hub from February 27th to March 15th.

Album Review: 65daysofstatic - Wild Light (2013 LP)

From the opening monstrous, mutated organ strains of 'Heat Death Infinity Splitter', Wild Light is an album will swallow you whole. After this ecstatic, electronic hymn comes 'Prisms', yearning seas of guitar noise led by free-running drums and punctuated by hallucinatory bursts of synth. The drums' sound throughout the album is surprisingly analogue for 65daysofstatic and stripping them of effects and distractions reveals it to be the heart of the band.

Tour Diaries: sleepmakeswaves in Europe - Part Four

Continuing on their epic European tour with 65daysofstatic, Sydney's sleepmakeswaves bring us Part Four of their tour diary series. Alex tells us what it's been like going through Budapest, Croatia, Germany and the like, and how being on the road has begun to affect them.

Tour Diaries: sleepmakeswaves in Europe - Part Three

Hello, my name is Kid and I'm one of the guitarists in sleepmakeswaves. If you read the previous tour diary entries you would know they were done by our bass player, Alex. Apologies in advance if my narrative skills aren't quite on par with Alex's, I spent most of my tertiary years playing guitar, computer games and thinking about girls instead of studying important stuff like English and the skills necessary to write tour diaries. But here it goes...

Tour Diaries: sleepmakeswaves in Europe - Part Two

Bringing us up to date on their latest shenanigans on the road through Europe with 65daysofstatic is Alex from Sydney's sleepmakeswaves. From Belgium through to Germany, catch up on the tour in Part Two of their epic tour diary series below!

Album News Weekly: 27th September 2013

This week, we've got some juicy news from the likes of World's End Press, Megadeth, Tinie Tempah, Kurt Vile, 65daysofstatic and more!

Single Stream: 65daysofstatic - "Prisms" (2013)

Electronica masters 65daysofstatic have just dropped their new single off their upcoming album, Wild Light, that's out 16th September 2013. With a sparser sound than their last album, it nevertheless continues to push listeners into some form of dancing or uncontrollable tapping. Check it out below!

sleepmakewaves to tour Europe and the UK with 65daysofstatic!

In great news out of the sleepmakeswaves camp, the band are ecstatic to reveal to fans overseas (as well as those at home) that they're soon to be back in the UK and Europe, touring with 65daysofstatic! The Sydney band, who've garnered much praise for their recent shows around the country, will be overseas from September repping for Australia right through until November!

The State Of Affairs - Latest Music Industry News: 25th June 2013

This week in the industry, the Annandale Hotel will keep it's doors open to musicians for a while longer yet, a few more local bands are getting their break overseas, and Nickelodeon brings back Slimefest, their festival for the tween set. All this and more in this week's State of Affairs. Enjoy, and have a good week.

Photo Gallery: 65DaysOfStatic + Tangled Thoughts of Leaving + Sleepmakeswaves - The Bakery (05.01.13)

UK rock band 65DaysOfStatic played their first ever show in Perth at The Bakery. Supporting them were Tangled Thoughts of Leaving and Sleepmakeswaves.

Live Review: 65daysofstatic + sleepmakeswaves + Elroy 4.0 + hazards of swimming naked + Trash McSweeney - The Hi-Fi Brisbane (03.01.13)

Trash McSweeney, lead singer of Red Paintings, was simply an experience. Here tonight in solo mode, he was accompanied onstage by two artists, one (dressed as a ninja) using a traditional canvas and one given a woman’s body to paint on. With a gallivanting guitar playing style, beguiling voice and a clear passion in his lyrics, McSweeney quickly caught most of the earlycomers’ attention, apart from the large fanbase already front of stage.

Album News Weekly: Saturday, 5 January 2012

Hi all, this weeks news is a small one with album announcements from the likes of Unknown Mortal Orchestra, 65daysofstatic,The Ducktails and much more. Don’t forget to keep an eye out next week with more news in the New Year!

Festival Review: Peats Ridge Festival Day 2 - Glenworth Valley (30.12.12)

The day starts hard and fast, as the sun bears down on tents and the music kicks off with Daily Meds onstage at The Lyrebird, for a wicked 10:30am set. Honest, hung over and bleary eyed, both the band and the crowd work themselves up for a killer show and dance. The band work their way through the hits from their debut album Happy Daze, with help from an awesome back-up break dancer and Big Village guests.