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Album Review: Neon Indian - Vega INTL. Night School (2015 LP)

The highly praised tribal leader of indie synth returns with his first album in four years. We’re of course talking about Neon Indian and his long awaited LP Vega INTL. Night School, officially available this Friday.

Album Review: CHVRCHES - Every Open Eye (2015 LP)

Scottish electronic trio CHVRCHES received quite a bit of attention from their 2013 debut record The Bones of What You Believe; a highly sporadic record that caught on with ravenous hooks of electronic beats and indie elements, becoming a gamechanger for the alternative scene. With the trio's sophomore release Every Open Eye, CHVRCHES have created a perfect follow-up: something that flows effortlessly, and is consistently full of wonderful goodness...

Album Review: Baio - The Names (2015 LP)

Carving one’s own niche is difficult at the best of times, but it’s a whole new ball game when the name of one of the world’s most popular bands precedes you. Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio rises to the challenge on his first full-length solo release, The Names.

Album Review: Gary Clark Jr. - The Story of Sonny Boy Slim (2015 LP)

It often takes a few listens to get into a song, but there’s no denying the sweet moment of that feeling like you've heard a new song before. Gary Clark Jr. oozes familiar, old-school sentimentality among creative production, and his latest record The Story of Sonny Boy Slim will delight most and move many.

Album Review: Fanny Lumsden "Small Town Big Shot" (2015 LP)

A glorious, warm and varied alt-country album by rural Australia’s very own Fanny Lumsden, Small Town Big Shot is a hugely impressive debut that brims with Fanny’s vivacious personality and an abundance of talent. From the get-go Fanny Lumsden and her band The Thrillseekers’ music (and on stage presence) had something special with their vibrant country spirit – from their cowboy boot toe-tapping tunes to upbeat tales that only a born and bred farm girl could tell.

Album Review: Atomic Tom - ERA (2015 LP)

Taking three years to record, mix and produce, alternative rock/pop outfit, Atomic Tom bring a whopper of a release with their latest offering, ERA. Creating a record themselves surely wasn't easy, however the passion and optimistic tunes that are on this record are sterling. With the band residing from Brooklyn, New York, it's safe to say they were highly driven and easily inspired for ERA, making it one of the best releases I have come across this year.

Album Review: Foals - What Went Down (2015 LP)

Foals have just released their fourth studio album What Went Down and it seems that the two years in between their last LP Holy Fire and now has provided the perfect respite. Mixed reviews put a damper on Foals' track record with the last album, but whatever lilting, lack-lustre tunes that failed some reviewers in the past have been smoothed out with What Went Down for sure.

Album Review: The Rubens - Hoops (2015 LP)

Hoops bleeds blues and booze. The Rubens tell an honest narrative of a 20-something-year-old through smart, nuanced Rock and cheeky lyrics. It’s an album for the cynical - full of heartbreak, one-night stands and arrogance.

Album Review: The Paper Kites - Twelvefour (2015 LP)

Melbourne five-piece The Paper Kites have come a long way from their first EP, Woodland. Over the space of four years, and four releases, the band has maintained a dynamic identity, constantly altering their sound with each sonic offering. Twelvefour has settled on an ethereal yet moody plane comprised of harmonious utterings, lush melodies and nostalgic tastes of where the band first began.

Album Review: Miguel - Wildheart (2015 LP)

Miguel has been setting the bar high with his music. For someone that has a striking ability to apply himself, Wildheart is a sophisticated work of art. Since 2012's Kaleidoscope Dream, his experimentation with rock music has glued together his songs quite nicely, and the music on this record is no exception. The transition from his slick and contemporary elements of R&B beats has taken Miguel out of his comfort zone and it works. Wildheart is a refreshing look to why it's important to channel creative energies when making new material.

Album Review: Dr. Dre "Compton" (2015 LP)

The third and final solo release from Dr Dre has been over 15 years in the making, jumping off the false-start of the defunct Detox and springing Compton upon us. The result is wholly original, refreshing and hefty with Dre's characteristically ambitious, refined production providing a lush backdrop over which a bevy of on-point guests assisting the pioneer in crafting one of the year's best releases.

Album Review: Northlane - Node (2015 LP)

Northlane are one of the heaviest bands known to Australia and the rest of the world. After their career as a band finally taking off in 2011 since their release of Discoveries, it's become clear that they are just thriving with passion and energy. After the departure of original frontman, Adrian Fitipaldes, ex-vocalist of Sound of Seasons, Marcus Bridge has since then taken his spot and his contribution to their latest offering of Node is absolutely outstanding.

Album Review: Jasmine Rae - Heartbeat (2015 LP)

Jasmine Rae has accomplished a lot in her career since taking out the top prize at Telstra Road to Tamworth in 2008. As a fan of the three-time ARIA-nominated and two-time CMC Music Award winner's previous albums; Look It Up, Listen Here and If I Want To respectfully, I was excited to hear the new album Heartbeat.

Album Review: This Wild Life - Clouded: Atmosphere Edition (2015 LP)

At the beginning of this year, the pop-punk acoustic duo of This Wild Life made an appearance at Soundwave Festival and needless to say - they held a fantastic set! I remember coming across one of their acoustic covers of A Day To Remember's "If It Means A Lot To You" and the brilliance of the acoustic vibes that resonated in their music was stunning. The poetic lyrics, the delicate string arrangement of guitars and the honesty and genuine feeling that is placed in each track were obviously crafted with perfection.