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Album Review: Fait - Atmosphere (2014 EP)

Atmosphere could not be a better title for the debut EP from Fait. The Perth-based girl behind the name, Elise Higgins, has been touring the southeast coast with Atmosphere, a 5-track dream pop almanac of sorts. She has already gained rave reviews for the debut, proving the EP a successful plunge into the world of released music.

Album Review: Linkin Park - The Hunting Party (2014 LP)

The Hunting Party Album Art

With the release of their new album only hours away, Linkin Park have promised this to be a more guitar-orientated album which has left some old fans rewashing their Hybrid Theory T-Shirts and waiting for the release. But is it worth it? Dave Roberts gives us his verdict.

Album Review: Movement - Self Titled (2014 EP)

Movement must be responsible for at least four pregnancies, 'cause their debut EP is downright some of the sexiest music around. The mixture of brooding electronica and soulful R&B has already turned heads both in Europe and America, on the back of their first two singles "Us" and "Feel Real".

Album Review: Greta Mob - Gypsy Town [Revisited] (2014 EP)

First up, we should get a public service announcement out of the way here: don't use the term 'Gypsy' in your album title if you don't want people to physically recoil. Especially don't use it in your songs. It's a slur, and it makes a lot of people really uncomfortable.

Album Review: Wagons - Acid Rain and Sugar Cane (2014 LP)

I would make some quip about jumping on the bandwagon (pun intended) but that one has already been taken by every music review e-zine and magazine from Townsville to Bunbury. Wagons released their LP Acid Rain and Sugar Cane in May. If you like the sound of this you must absolutely keep your eyes peeled for their national tour around Australia over the rest of this month.

Album Review: The Orwells - Disgraceland (2014 LP)

Big thumping tom-toms open Disgraceland, The Orwell’s latest contribution to the garage rock revival. But then it quickly becomes apparent that the band have lost the raw "garage rock" edge that was prevalent in Remember When, the band’s first full-length release. The lo-fi recording, however, prevalent on their earlier EP's and album, remains the same.

Album Review: Aisles - 4:45am (2013 LP)

Despite this album being on my desk for the last few weeks, and being aware of it for a month or more, 4:45am has just been hard to get into. The reviews I’ve read, however, mean that I should be jumping at the opportunity to review what other people are hailing as some kind of a fresh, innovative, amazing approach to music. And regular readers will know how much I love a good concept album.

Album Review: Scott Spark - Muscle Memory (2014 LP)

Scott Spark has been a little absent from our ears for a couple of years now. But no more, the Sydney based singer/songwriter is back with a vengeance with his sophomore LP release Muscle Memory. Unlike his previous release Fail Like You Mean It, his new LP has grandeur written all over it. There's no question why it has been such a long time coming - the production quality is flawless!

Album Review: Little Hurricane - Gold Fever (2014 LP)

Little Hurricane play the sort of music you can get lost in. Their newest album, Gold Fever, has a bluesy, murky kind of sound. It's melodic and thick and smooth like really good whiskey – like that stuff with the James Joyce quotes on the bottle, but better. It's the sort of music for warm nights and harvest moons when everything's a little bit fuzzy and gold around the edges. They're a West Coast band (San Diego, California) with a deep American South kind of sound.

Album Review: I Know Leopard - Illumina (2014 EP)

Moving up through the ranks of Australia's overflowing indie-pop scene are Adelaide-come-Sydneysiders I Know Leopard and after the release of three singles, they have finally dropped debut EP Illumina.

Album Review: Courts and Kings - All We Know (2014 EP)

Adelaide band Court and Kings leaped onto the music scene back in 2012 featuring in Triple J's Unearthed High Competition followed by the release of their self-titled debut EP. They're now back with follow-up EP All We Know, a super cute indie pop record that makes the sun shine on the darkest day.

Album Review: Jack White - Lazaretto (2014 LP)

Jack White is back, with a much coveted and hyped follow up to his debut solo album, 2012's Blunderbuss.

Album Review: Mia Dyson - Idyllwild (2014 LP)

Following from her critically acclaimed 2012 album The Moment, the much loved Australian singer/songwriter Mia Dyson has returned with Idyllwild, another beautiful album full of fun rock tunes as well as returning to her roots with slower bluesy ballads. Despite being her fifth record, she has created another stunning album that reflects her musical integrity and musical talents.

Album Review: La Dispute - "Rooms of the House" (2014 LP)

La Dispute have been building towards an album like Rooms of the House. Always a literary minded band dealing in dense lyrical stream, tackling a concept album is only a natural evolution. On Rooms of The House, they avoid the pitfalls of the concept album and do not take aim at far flung tales of Viking gods or psychotropic journeys that prog bands so lustily throw themselves into.

Album Review: Remi - Raw x Inifinity (2014 LP)

Melbourne emcee Remi quickly became a major stakeholder in the Australian hip-hop community shortly after he picked up the mic; and this was before his debut LP Raw x Infinity was even in sight.