Tuka - Will Rap For Tuka (2010 LP)

Late last year, Sydney-based MC Tuka (from hip-hop crew Thundamentals) released his debut solo album, Will Rap For Tuka. No doubt, this young man has some extensive experience up his sleeve. Tuka is an all-around artist, and this full-length debut album is evidence of what he is capable of, with regards to song-writing, emceeing and producing. He even designed and sketched, free-hand, the wicked album art!

Tuka depicts his ability to rhyme at various paces – melodically chilled out or swift style. This is a subjective record in which he illustrates his personal life experiences, especially his determination and perseverance in making it into the music world. The introductory vocals on the short track “Return” and “The Blends” are quite soulful which for a moment, can make one feel a sense of delirium.

The rhythm of Tuka’s lyrics is embedded with the bass and beats in “Work”, which fits in well together. It also has a classical 1950s jazzy feel to it. A profound song such as “One in Six” and “Tall Poppy” leads the listener to think about sensitive social issues as well as philosophical ideologies and social systems. Then the pace slows down a notch with the soothing melody and melancholic lyrics of heartache in “Apples”, as Tuka raps “she was the apple of my eye, now we’re finished and both done with it”. Tuka does create some balance with "Smiley", which has a slow jazzy vibe.

Confidence can be a good thing, and Tuka does compliment himself in “Pro”. However, it is off-putting when one depicts excessive confidence which does seem a little too egotistic. Having said that though, it does not necessarily mean egotistic is what he is. It is just the way it comes out in this particular song.

“Light It Up” is a short track which is more of an instrumental. It has a reggae and dub feel to it with minimal vocals which leaves you with a good chill out song to listen to. The music behind “Boom Kats” may seem quite eerie, but the sound of Tuka’s voice brings the listener into a type of deliverance.

Overall, the production work is well done including the beats, use of instruments, as well as various digital sounds.

If you are fond of Tuka’s work with Thundamentals, you could become a lover of Will Rap For Tuka.

Review Score: 7/10