Album Review: The Paper Kites - Twelvefour (2015 LP)

Melbourne five-piece The Paper Kites have come a long way from their first EP, Woodland. Over the space of four years, and four releases, the band has maintained a dynamic identity, constantly altering their sound with each sonic offering. Twelvefour has settled on an ethereal yet moody plane comprised of harmonious utterings, lush melodies and nostalgic tastes of where the band first began.

Twelvefour is a concept album, based around the theory that an artist’s creative peak is between midnight and 4am, as explained by frontman Sam Bentley. The LP is shrouded in a collection of effortlessly sleepy tones, blending pre-dawn lyrics with late night melodies for a carefree croon. Acting as a 10-track lullaby, this release is intoxicatingly laid-back, opting for low-key vocals and supporting strings to gently traverse the airwaves.

First single "Electric Indigo" aptly kicks off the LP, offering up a set of dreamy tones followed by "Renegade" which is driven by a steady stream of light acoustic tunes. Within the first two numbers lies a sublime juxtaposition of The Paper Kites’ new and old endeavours. Blending hints of earthy folk with stylish electric strums, the tracks communicate the best of both worlds. The remainder of the release is a continuum of sublime artistry, each track demonstrating its own independence alongside its relevance to the rest. It’s an impossible task to distinguish one song as better than another on this album – every note and every utterance is impeccably composed, polished and carried out from beginning to end.

The Paper Kites share an impressive sense of musicality, evident in their latest release. Twelvefour is a fluid progression of both sounds and ideas, flowing seamlessly between each track. Hypnotic, whimsical and otherworldly, this LP is simply gorgeous.

Review score: 9.5 out of 10

Twelvefour is out August 28 and can be preordered HERE