The Getaway Plan - Requiem (2011 LP)

The Getaway Plan - Requiem

2009 saw The Getaway Plan - one of Australia's most popular alternative rock outfits - call it a day. Late 2010 saw hints at a reunion and new music, and ever since then, their dedicated fan base have been screaming for more.

Behind the dramatic stirrings of key and string melodies, their second album Requiem is built on a strong foundation of pop-rock sensibilities. That's not to simplify their work to a single genre, or demean their output - the term often having a negative connotation with some listeners - because although at its core this is a catchy and accessible record, the band put a special, dramatic spin on things. It's different - in a very good way too.

Anthemic rises in tension throughout the album make it some of their most grand music to date, with each track feeling perfectly placed over the course of the release. Never do things get too repetitive. Not once are you stuck wondering if someone will turn the guitars down, or if someone will pick the pace up. It's great to hear something so well constructed in terms of a listening experience.

However on occasion, frontman Matthew Wright's emotive lyrics - and I mean no disrespect to his personal outpourings - can come across as a little too cliched in their imagery and expression. "Move Along"'s chorus borders on this, finishing with: "And I'm waiting for you, to pick up the pieces and move along." This doesn't pull the album down, as it happens infrequently, and is offset by lines that somehow move far beyond that and stand out. The close of "Heartstone" is a prime example, ending delicately with: "For as long as you're here, all that glitters is gold."

Requiem really launches itself as a release. Although there are standout tracks, filler is non-existent - it's a solid album. Moving between the the pulsing hand claps of "Phantoms" to the calm of "Oceans Between Us", The Getaway Plan have given themselves room to extend their talents and sound - which is exactly what this release does. This is an album that will hook into you. It's good to have these guys back.

Review Score: 7/10