Album Review: The Flatliners - Dead Language (2013 LP)

the flatliners

The Flatliners fourth full length Dead Language follows perfectly from 2010’s Cavalcade record. The band continue to move away from one dimensional ska into a punk rock band with anthemic songs with big singalong choruses and meaty hooks that any punk fan will sink their teeth into.

Chris Cresswell’s graveled vocal has more bile and venom to it as he gets more personal and reflective on this album more than he has ever done. In particular, the line “I wonder what life would be like without me” from "Sew My Mouth Shut". At the same time though, there is a greater sense of melody and when backed by gang vocals in choruses and refrains, is where these songs capture the listener. It’s honest, it’s raw and is deeply soaked with sweat, blood and passion, it’s impossible to not appreciate.

The album bounds along with an abundance of catch tracks. The band have kept it simple musically wise focusing on chunky chord structures and melodic chord hooks. Opening track "Resuscitation Of The Year" kicks it off with a fast paced punk song with sing along vocals. As does "Bury Me" and "Hounds". The outstanding tracks are "Drown In Blood" with it’s great lyrics and the final track "Brilliant Resilience" which ties the record’s theme of reflection and self awareness quite nicely.

The band, by all reports, wanted to capture their energetic live sound. To do that, they took the unusual step of recording all the songs in one take (where possible). The result is an album not technically perfect if you want to break it down but when its played with such power as these songs doesn’t matter.

This record will get the head bobbing along, the toes tapping and the crowds singing along. The Flatliners have developed their sound to a perfect formula that compliments the musicianship and abilities of all members. There is no wonder Fat Mike of NOFX took a shining to these guys five years ago. He knew they were destined to be great and this record should cement that in the punk scene.

Review Score: 8.9 out of 10 - AU APPROVED!

Dead Language is in stores now.