The Cairos - Summer Catalogue (2011 EP)

The Cairos latest release – the Summer Catalogue EP – is a barrage of sound. Yet, it’s a barrage of sound infused with well-timed melodies, pure rock vocals and impressive guitar work.

The five tracks that the Brisbane band has put together for this EP illustrate their versatility and distinct sound. It’s straight up indie rock. If you love indie rock, there’s really no reason not to love The Cairos.

With brute force, the first two tracks, ‘Nothing At All’ and ‘Listening Party’ launch the EP and leave you with a crystal clear understanding of The Cairos’ sound. These two tracks have are very similar and characterise the band’s brand of indie rock.

The EP then takes a very different turn. The final three songs are dramatically different from the previous tracks. They are much less heavy and much more melodic. It is here that the band displays the versatility I mentioned before.

In "Today’s Song" the melodies are driven by a great guitar riff and brilliantly complimented by a catchy beat. For me, this track was the definite highlight of the EP.

Similarly, "In The Air" combines the heavier element of the first tracks with the more melodic side of the band. The track begins with some elegant guitar work that is weaved beautifully into the heavier guitar that follows and ultimately leads into a catchy chorus.

The EP is no doubt a very listenable one, but having said all of this, it isn’t groundbreaking or strikingly different from other indie rock bands. Overall though, Summer Catalogue is a successful blend of a guitar driven, heavy rock sound with more melodic moments added at just the right time.

Review score: 7/10