Album Review: The Bennies - Better Off Dread (EP 2013)

he bennies

Its been eighteen months since the debut record of The Bennies which saw the band tour extensively across Australia and Asia supporting the likes of Streetlight Manifesto, Leftover Crack, Guttermouth and best friends/roommates Smith Street Band.

This four track vinyl release entitled Better Off Dread has plenty of party and skanking vibes. ‘Mushroom Tea’ is all about tripping on LSD. The title track is a homage to ska and reggae acts that have influenced the band and ‘My Bike’ has the best chorus of "I’m gonna ride my bike / Whenever I fucking like!"

It's a short sampler of what will hopefully lead to another full length record from the busy ska, reggae and punk infused Melbourne based band. Good to pop on if you have ten minutes to kill and need a little pick me up before a party. Or just lvoe The Bennies.

Review Score: 7.0 out of 10

The four track vinyl release Better off Dread is available now.