The Bank Holidays - Sail Becomes A Kite (2010 LP)


Perth’s premier indie-pop darlings The Bank Holidays’ much anticipated sophomore album Sail Becomes a Kite delivers the expected sweetness, but on a much grander scale than the quartet’s 2007 debut As A Film.

A surprising left turn for the delightful quartet, whose previous output has been exemplified by a giddy exuberance and sense of joyousness, Sail Becomes A Kite is an extraordinarily reflective and weighty indie-pop release. As described on their website, a conscious decision has been made by the band to opt for “autumnal hues in place of their familiar summery sparkle”, ultimately making for a slightly darker, and certainly more introspective, musical excursion.

The shyness and naiveté which shrouded The Bank Holidays’ music on their debut has melted away, with this new release proving the outfit is more than capable of crafting unabashedly graceful and poignant tracks, fleshing out the production canvas along with the ever-growing gusto of their entrancing three-part harmonies.

Delivering on the promise of preview tracks "Save Silence", "His Majesty’s Voice" and "Thereabouts", The Bank Holidays surprise and charm in equal measure throughout this 40 minute record, using their musical talents to craft a musical gem which is certain to wind up near the top of any right-thinking indie-pop lovers’ year-end list.

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Sail Becomes a Kite is now available.