Album Review: Snow White's Poison Bite - Dr Gruesome And The Gruesome Gory Horror Show (2013 LP)

snow white

In theory, this should appease all my little musical fetishes. A Nightmare Before Xmas mixed with Wednesday 13 with a sprinkle of Misfits. Sadly this record fails to ignite the camp horror desires in me. It comes across as mere childish, Scooby Doo lite mystery horror that takes the camp out of the campiness and the fun out of horror rock.

The albums concept is based on a poorly constructed cabaret of Dr Gruesome's Horror Show. The attempt I feel is to have a tale very similar to Rocky Horror Picture Show, but this is an abomination. Lyrically it is benign and deplorable. Dr Gruesome is a kookie, ookie, spookie man (or some gibberish to that extent). "Rocks inside this coffin case/The hearse takes me to a better place" is kind of rhyming couplets I would write when I was ten years old. It's cringeworthy and cheesy and not in the good way that horror punk tends to be.

Tracks are titled 'Meet Me At The Graveyard', 'Halloween Is Dead' and 'Count Dracula's Kid'. This whole album sounds like it would be more suited to children watching Saturday morning cartoons and not for this thirty something year old reviewer. The only redeeming quality I can find in this, is the music is actually good in certain places. It is just let down by a weak concept, poor lyrics and the vocalist's ear bleeding vocal whine.

Another nail in the coffin for this record is the guest vocalist of Michael Graves, former one time Misfits vocalist whose 60s doo-wop crooning adds little to the record despite giving the listener a small break from that annoying vocal whine.

Perhaps all the horror themes have been used up. Maybe my tastes have changed or just maybe this is utter rubbish... I'm leaning towards the latter.

Review Score: 2.0 out of 10