Album Review: Slaves - Through Art We Are All Equals (2014 LP)

Through Art We Are All Equals, is post-hardcore/experimental rock band Slaves' debut record. The group have created a shapeshifting record that has a soulful edge. Although some songs feel out of place and don't fulfil their potential, Jonny Craig (formerly of Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance and Isles & Glaciers) worshippers will nonetheless enjoy this album. As you would from a guy with the voice of an angel.

There's a fine line between creative risks and following convention, and the band's work on this album seems to hover between both categories. With the division of tracks, it's often hard to keep pace because there are too many elements being used all at once. This can be forgiven when you get to the ultimate power track, "The Young and Beyond Reckless" featuring Tyler Carter. The track infuses the magic of both vocalists to perfection.

The leading drums and the strength of Craig's vocals in "My Soul is Empty and Full of White Girls" is a treat for the ears; almost as if stealing candy from a baby were a good thing. And when Vic Fuentes makes an appearance in "Starving for FRIENDS", it feels like everything falls perfectly into place with its heavy focus on experimental rock instrumentals, adding pure soul and life to the record.

Some tracks need a little revamping, though. The echoing parts of "Those Who Stand For Nothing Fall For Anything" minimises what could have been one of the more emotional tracks on the album. It also feels like they just threw in some cliché post-hardcore riffs and rapped verses in "The King and The Army That Stands Behind Him", which doesn't add much value to the release; it just feels out of place and confusing.

Either way, this record is hit or miss. It has its moments but ultimately, consistency is key. If they take the time to push themselves harder, they will find a more refined direction in their music and fulfil their potential.

Review Score: 6.5 out of 10

Through Art We Are All Equals is available now through iTunes: