Album Review: Sia - Best Of (2012 LP)

Sia! Best Of is a celebration of a career spanning fifteen years featuring current hit "Titanium", a collaboration with dance artist David Guetta, songs from 2010's acclaimed We Are Born, early material from her stint in Zero 7 and 2004's Colour The Small One and a CSS remix of "Buttons" to to it off.

From humble beginnings in the city of churches in Adelaide, the career of Sia has sky rocketed. It would be quite easy to assume that Sia is an overnight sensation but it has taken three albums before gaining attention with Some People Have Real Problems in 2008 before striking pay dirt in We Are Born in 2010.

Best Of is a collection of hits spanning fifteen years would have been a challenge to compile having so many great songs to choose from considering all the top ten hits released in the UK and at home. For fans it is a tough one because if you have all the albums chances there isn’t a lot of value picking up this compilation unless you’re a completist or can’t be bothered making a playlist or can’t be bothered taking the Sia back catalogue with you in the car.

"Clap Your Hands" starts Best Of brilliantly and is one of many songs that has that fun good time vibe running rampant through it. "The Girl You Lost To Cocaine" is an interesting one with its popularity gained through live shows in recent times and was an obvious highlight at her last show at Thebarton Theatre.

There are some collaborations of note on Best Of firstly "Destiny" featuring British duo Zero 7 and "Titanium" featuring David Guetta. Personally not a fan of either track but is good to see how Sia is diversifying and taking on new challenges. Given her reluctance to tour this maybe a glimpse of what the future may look like with further collaborations.

Buttons is a great song but the stand out for me is "Breathe Me" proving popular on radio through exposure on the HBO drama Six Feet Under. "Sweet Potato" isn’t in the same league as other tracks on the compilation and it is pleasing that her past hasn’t been neglected either on the track listing.

There’s so many other great tracks from "The Fight" to "Numb" to "You’ve Changed" making for one bankable back catalogue. The only limitation is that there’s nothing new here for fans and that the bonus DVD TV Is My Parent is only available from few retailers.

Nevertheless, Sia can look back at fifteen years quite proudly with what she has accomplished and like many others I look forward to new music in the future whether that be a collaboration or under her own guise and perhaps even another tour.

Review Score 8.2 out of 10