Album Review: Sheppard - Sheppard (2012 EP)

There must be something in the gene pool or drinking water in Brisbane that makes it a hot spot for family music collaborations. From the Beegees to Laneway (and the unfortunate bump in the road, the screeching harpies known as The Veronicas), it’s safe to say that keeping it in the family has been a source of innovation in the Brisbane scene.

The latest offering from Brisbane is six piece, Sheppard, which consists of the three very talented Sheppard siblings, frontman George, and his two sisters, vocalist Amy and bassist Emma, along with their three friends of various musical backgrounds.

Having somewhat appeared from nowhere in recent months, to performing at festivals and showcases in South Africa, London and the USA, the meteoric rise of Sheppard has raised more than a few eyebrows around their hometown...although after checking the band out live and listening to their debut self titled EP, it’s safe to say those raised eyebrows are perhaps the result of the green eyed monster more than anything else.

Their first offering to the general public, a five track self titled EP, serves up a delicious helping of pop goodness filled with danceable melodies, catchy sing-along lyrics in addition to light and perfectly whipped harmonies and group vocals.

Stand out tracks include the ridiculously optimistic and somewhat gospel ‘Hold My Tongue’, the sarcastic and punchy “I’m Not a Whore’ and the synth heavy and sure-fire Top 40 hit ‘Flying Away’.

It’s always hard to put a finger on the longevity of pop bands but Sheppard’s combination of feel good melodies and quirky, tongue-in-cheek lyrics have so far managed to capture my attention with each subsequent listen to the album. Screw my inherent cynicism and desire to cull tall poppies, Sheppard are indeed a band in every way deserving of all their recent and future success.

Review Score: 8.9 out of 10.