Album Review: Roxette - Travelling (2012 LP)


Earlier this year I got to see Roxette live. A band I loved as small child in the late 80s simply because they wrote good, catchy pop songs. Fast forward 20 years and nothing has really changed. They still write some damn fine, extremely catchy, easy to listen to pop music. What sets them aside from some of the modern day fabricated "pop stars" is that their music is written by the band members and shows a deeper sense of emotion and passion wrapped in glorious pop hooks.

Travelling is a bit of a compilation record of sorts. Some leftover tracks recorded in various studios and hotel rooms while on tour plus a couple of live tracks and alternate versions. So the downside with this type of record is that there is too many songs. Fifteen tracks is a bit of an over kill for four minute pop songs in my opinion, (it tends to only work for two minute punk songs) but nonetheless the hour of music is still enjoyable.

The record kicks off with a very 60s, groovy number in "Me & You & Terry & Julie". A track with a little psychedelia and a tonne of cool reverb. "Touched By The Hand Of God" is a somber track which could be seen as about Marie's cancer battles and her fight through the disease. "Easy Way Out" has that classic Roxette pop/rock sound and I'm intrigued by the meaning behind of " Excuse Me Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife?" (it's a title I'd expect from a Fall Out Boy track).

We also get two versions of the track "It's Possible", which I couldn't pick up the difference but I'm sure there is (unless it's the four seconds in length?). We also get three live tracks "Stars", "She's Got Nothing On But The Radio" and their classic hit "It Must Of Been Love" ending the disc.

I keep reiterating the talent in pop songwriting from Roxette. Some of these tracks real display the influences that are behind the songs. There's a strong leaning towards The Beatles early catalogue and also fellow countrymen champions of pop gold ABBA. I tend to think the music business has kind of forgotten how great Roxette are. This may solidify the fact and hopefully is a teaser for more records down the track.

Review score: 7.4 out of 10