Amy Meredith - Restless (2010 LP)


Amy Meredith have burst onto the Australian music scene and made quite a name for themselves over the past year or two.  I first witnessed their live act when they played ‘Rock the Schools’ in 2008, and again was impressed by them when they supported Cobra Starship during their 2010 Australian tour.

Restless is the debut album release from the glam-pop/rock outfit. With an obvious '80s influence and catchy melodies, Restless is a cleverly made and commercially driven album.

The opening track, "Black Eyes", introduces us to front-man Christian Lo Russo’s distinctive, though sometimes verging on the edge of whiny, vocals. In all honesty, while I didn’t mind the track, I thought it was a bad choice for an opening song, and something like the catchy and fun "Faded White Dress" may have been better suited.

While the opening track may have lacked, Amy Meredith are back on track with second track "Pornstar" giving the album some momentum. The first single to be released from the album, this song is versatile: you can dance the night away to it, or be part of a stadium crowd yelling along to ‘I could be your porn star, we can leave the lights on...’
Just don’t do what I did, and sing along to the chorus enthusiastically in front of your parents.

The next track is probably one of my favourites off the CD, and is the second single from the album, "Lying". Everything about the song shows Amy Meredith at their best – strong vocals, catchy verses and chorus, and relatable lyrics. If any song is going to make the band nationally and internationally famous, it’s this one.

Unfortunately after "Faded White Dress", the CD starts to sound all too the same. Catchy songs, yes, but nothing to really make me overly excited. I would have loved to see some more versatility thrown in there. Instrumentally wise there wasn’t an exciting dose of versatility either.

However, having said that, Amy Meredith have been successful in creating a commercial pop CD, which has proved to be popular among the Australian public, debuting at number eight on the ARIA charts. While I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the band live in the past, unfortunately their dynamic energy and presence on stage didn’t transfer through to the studio.

Pick songs: "Lying", "Faded White Dress"

Rating: 6/10