Album Review: Regurgitator - Dirty Pop Fantasy (2013 LP)

If you were a teenager in the mid to late 90's, you know how pivotal Regurgitator were to the Australian musical landscape. It was a time when alternative wasn't a dirty word and actually meant you were different to the mainstream. Regurgitator were the true alternative. With a range of musical styles and influences to draw from, catchy hooks and juvenile song themes, they were simply a fun band.

Dirty Pop Fantasy sees Regurgitator return to their 'hey day'. An album full of little dirty pop songs which bounces from R&B, electronica, indie folk, hardcore punk and big arena rock anthems in only a way Regurgitator can. All tracks are a short burst of sugary goodness. A mixed lollie bag with tracks that will get stuck in your head for days. ("Fuck You Sweetness" comes to mind)

There's the indie folk song "Answering Machine", which sounds like it could've come straight from the soundtrack to 500 Days Of Summer or any She & Him record. "Mountains" is Quan [Yeomans] tapping into his Joy Division collection to produce a new wave heartache song,, complete with synth riffs and minor chords. "So Tuff" displays Ben's [Ely] love for early 80s hardcore punk with its Black Flag sound and its minute time length. "My Little Terrorist" is that traditional classic 'Gurg track and takes you back to 1997. "Home Alone Stoned" and "Bongzilla" are maybe a homage to the stoners (check out the epic Tool inspired riff in "Bongzilla") but with the former a big hair stadium rock sound, it shows the guys can still take the piss better than anyone else.

The album takes a few listens to fully appreciate and I suggest it's just as complete listening to this on shuffle as it is from track one to nineteen. Also, if you're offended by the f-word, then you may want block your ears on a few tracks as the juvenile side to the band does take over at times and they will drop a f-bomb just for the sake of it more times than not.

The nucleus of the band, Quan and Ben, complement each other in songwriting styles as much as they do in vocal harmonies and playing ability. They are a great team and with the recent announcement of a hiatus, I hope they can bring it back together before too long to keep making albums like this one.

Review Score: 7.3 out of 10.