Papa Vs Pretty - United in Isolation (2011 LP)

As a '90s World' teenager, Papa Vs Pretty’s debut release United in Isolation is literally music to my ears. With 2011 tipped to become the year of ‘wub wub wub’, I’m ecstatic that this fine indie rock release has cut through that thick D&B.

United in Isolation harks back to great Aussie bands like Ammonia, Pollyanna and Motor Ace in its hooks and production, while lead vox Thomas Rawle might just be a reincarnated Freddie Mercury, a connection which is clearest on ‘Bitter Pill’. It’s a powerful combination of very talented young musicians and I can also attest to their performance on stage.

These Triple J darlings have released a host of hits already from ‘One of The Animals’ to ‘Honey’ and ‘Darkest Way’, but this album is much more that the sum of its parts. There is great maturity present in the lyrics and sound that gives the impression Papa Vs Pretty are less like fresh-faced newcomers and more like the crusty rockers of old.

This fact gives the whole album a real sense of promise; that this band, unlike so many others, will go the distance and maybe even fill the boots of one of their 90s idols... Powderfinger anyone?

Review Score: 9/10