Panic! At The Disco - Let's Kill Tonight (2011 Single)

Those who saw Panic! At The Disco at their recent Counter-Revolution shows, or indeed anyone who has paid attention to their latest release Vices & Virtues, will have noticed that despite the group recently being reduced to two members - Brendon Urie and Spencer Smith - Panic! still have an over-powering sense of suave and charm.

Let me mention something right off the bat: "Let's Kill Tonight" is pop-rock at its core, and there's nothing wrong with that. Panic! At The Disco have always been about making people sing along and dance, and there's something undeniably catchy about that beat and stringed backing - and who can resist that drop into the chorus!

The video is a black and white collage of live shots and other bits and pieces, but what it does is encapsulate Panic!'s new aesthetic. Panic! have always had a penchant for theatrical dynamics, and while they might have taken a step back towards their A Fever You Can't Sweat Out days, they're now less about over-the-top make-up, and more about smartly charming your socks off. Luckily for us, their music has followed suit. "Let's Kill Tonight" is unarguably the perfect choice for a single from their third record - punchy, strong, and infectious as hell, this is Panic! At The Disco doing what they do best.

Review score: 8/10