Neon Knights - HOODS (2011 EP)

Neon Knight's HOODS EP is five tracks long and about four tracks too much. Each track sounds like the one before, demonstrating nothing more than a lack of imagination; a Daft Punk cover band.

The opening track, "Commencer" begins with a synthesized distorted noise, promising something with a sharp edge, before ruining it with the introduction of a terribly corny keyboard melody, and repetitive auto-tuned vocals, a running feature of the release is does little but try and disguise the lack of talent there is in the singing department.

"Chemistry" is the result of trying to use as many of a keyboard’s preset functions as possible, the vocodered singing continuing to make this EP as difficult to listen to as possible. Continuing through the tracks, it is difficult to find unique features, let alone any redeeming ones.

In a live setting, after a few drinks and the presence of a dance floor this would be fun for a dance, but in any other (sober) setting the songs are lifeless. After the first two songs it is easy to become bored, any further in any you realise you are just listening to the same song over and over again.

This review is brief, the only thing left to say is: please, put down the synths and walk away.