Album Review: Nancy Vandal - Flogging A Dead Phoenix (2013 LP)

Nancy Vandal

It’s pretty safe to say that the state of Australian music has been somewhat stale and lifeless since 1999... coincidentally around the time Nancy Vandal went on “hiatus”. But in 2013 and after stumbling their way through a reunion show in 2003 and a EP in 2009, the mighty Nancy Vandal have again picked up their instruments, looked strangely at them and then through sheer luck or divine intervention - knocked out a brand new album and potentially save the current music scene!

Sadly, some people out there may see this record as a bunch of 40 somethings having a mid life crisis. Some may see this as a band past it’s prime. But those people have no idea what the hell they are talking about and chances are the only sense of fun they have is watching reruns of ‘Black Books’ on DVD. If this band had no relevance - would festival overlord AJ Maddah invite them onto Soundwave....oh I think not kids.

What is offered to us, the musically starved, is a slab of rock. And from that rock is a chipped away granite slice of humor and fun that only a band like Nancy Vandal can produce. There is not one bit of seriousness as the band blend pub rock with a horn section and a slice of 90’s alternative nostalgia. Songs like ‘A Nurofen From My Euro Friend’, ‘King Kong Bundy’s Ponzi Scheme’, ‘Hot Pants Nation’ and the obligatory acoustic number ‘We Fucked This City On Rock N Roll’ typifies the silliness of Nancy Vandal. Its irrelevant humor at its foundation, plain absurdity at its best.

Nancy Vandal don’t need to follow trends. They don’t need to look the part in hipster pants, boat shoes and over priced “vintage” floral shirts. They don’t need finely manicured beards or mustaches and they certainly don’t need to pontificate over whisky or gin. Nancy Vandal do what they have always done.....and that is ROCK!!!

Review Score: 6.6 out of 10

Flogging A Dead Phoenix is in stores now.