Young Guns - Mirrors (2009 EP)

Mirrors is the first release from British band Young Guns and within the 4 song EP, the band manages to squeeze in everything that makes them so great.

"Daughter Of The Sea" opens us up to the sound of Young Guns, with a slow start and melodic build up. From first listen it’s easy to tell the band is one of natural talent – instrumentally they are tight and the harmonies blend in well with the loud music. Not the catchiest song on the EP but still a nice introduction to what we can expect.

It’s easy to see how "Weight of the World" made the cut for the bands first CD All Our Kings Are Dead, as it’s clearly the best song on the EP – everything from the opening riff, Gustav Woods' vocals and the way the pounding drums and guitar work complement each other, makes for an epic song. From the first listen the song has the ability to be stuck in your head, and by the end of the song you can almost be guaranteed you will be singing along to the chorus.

The fast-paced "There Will Be Rain" keeps up the momentum of the EP and showcases Woods' vocals to perfection and proves just how talented he is – his voice sounds rawer but it works well in the songs favour.

Without pausing for listeners to catch their breath, "In the Night" continues on from "There Will Be Rain" and is a close contender for best song on the EP. What this song demonstrates and what may be slightly lacking from the album is the raw rock appeal that Young Guns have. Instrumentally, the guitar work is exceptional and Woods' vocals are both taunting and haunting. With the CD showcasing a more polished version of the band, the EP is reminiscent of perhaps their live sound and captures their energy perfectly.

Young Guns have been successful in creating one great EP that has definitely captured people’s attention. Mirrors is an instantly captivating work, introducing us to everything that is so great about the band. I would only expect bigger and greater things from the band, and for anyone who likes punk-rock music as its finest, Young Guns are definitely worth checking out.

Review Score: 8/10

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