Millencolin - The Melancholy Connection (LP/DVD 2012)


Twenty years is a long time to do one job. But if your job involves playing music, writing short snappy punk rock songs and touring the world, twenty years can feel like a moment. For Millencolin, their impressive career is backed up by seven studio albums, countless trips around the world playing every festival possible and being one of the most consistent bands in the punk scene.

The Melancholy Connection is a follow up to their first B-sides record The Melancholy Collection released after their tenth birthday. Ten years on and the second B-side is not just a mere money making exercise, but a time stamp marking Millencolin's impressive career.

This collection of sixteen tracks features B-sides from their last few albums Machine 15, Kingwood, Home From Home and a couple of leftovers from Pennybridge Pioneers. There are also two brand new tracks in 'Carry You' and 'Out From Nowhere'. The thing with B-sides is there's a reason they are B-sides. It's usually because it's not the bands best songs and were left off an album for a reason. However, with Millencolin, there's no such thing as a bad track. More a case of you can't fit every song onto an album! These tracks are high quality, simple and catchy and represent everything that makes Millencolin so loved. The Swedish punkers have even given us one of their first tracks sung in their native language. 'E20-Norr' (which is 'Battery Check' from Home From Home). Other stand put tracks include 'The Downhill Walk', 'Bull By The Horns' and the new track 'Carry You'.

The album also comes with a DVD documentary on the last ten years of the band. Typical behind the scenes, out on tour, in the studio kind of stuff that is cool to watch if you're a fan. Not so if you're not hugely into the band. What it does show is a band that are still just four mates who love what they do. Starting out as teenagers, the band has never had a line up change and have always done what they wanted do, including setting up a festival to mark their 20th anniversary (which included headliners and fellow countrymen The Hives). I think it's safe to say Millencolin will be around for another twenty years and with the talk of a new album soon, I know I can't wait!

Review Score:7/10 CD
Review Score: 6.2/10 DVD