Album Review: Megan Washington - There There (2014 LP)

I know we’re a bit slow on the uptake, but Megan Washington’s (our artist of the month) latest release There There is definitely worth the wait. It combines everything we know and love about the artist with a certain sophistication that can be seen through the delicate and emotion filled ballads that are dotted through the album.

The LP opens with the quietly spoken “Yellow and Blue”. This is a really interesting choice for the opening number of the album. We all know Megan Washington can produce a killer pop tune, so to open with a ballad-esk number could have been risky. It’s a great track regardless.

“My Heart is a Wheel”, the follow up track, is much more what we’ve come to expect from the artist. With it’s catchy synth lines and beautifully controlled melody lines it is one practically perfect pop tune.

“Limitless” and “Skyline” show the softer side of the artist with her lush vocals and the textured layering of accompaniment. They complement each other yet are shadowed by the upcoming track. Accompanied only by the piano, “Begin Again” is the true heart of the album. The lyrics are poetically stunning and depict so many raw emotions. If this song doesn’t give you feels, not many things will.

Washington changes things up with the next two tracks on the album. “Who Are You” is a rad track that, in its own minimalistic way, plain and simply, is a darn catchy tune. With so many repeated lyrics you may thing that it may lose it’s novelty, yet it’s perfect and couldn’t be any other way. This then runs straight into “Get Happy”. With it’s simplistic, yet thoughtful accompaniment there’s a certain je ne sais quoi to the song. It is the perfectly executed vocal flourish in the pre-chorus, or the intricacy of the chord progression, or a little something else? Who can say.

“Consolation Prize” changes things up with less of a synth-pop sound, and more of an orchestral marvel. The addition of the strings really sets this track apart from the rest and highlights colours in Washington’s voice that had gone unnoticed until this track.

Rounding out the album is “One For Sorrow”. Another track accompanied solely by piano, it conclusively proves that Megan Washington has mastered emotion filled writing and left the light hearted pop tunes alone for a while.

Overall, this is a delicate album that left me a little surprised. I suppose that with the addition of her first name, she has rebranded herself as a more sophisticated version of her best self. For this I am both glad and saddened. Glad that there are some stunning gems to be found within this album, but saddened that there is a distinct lack of hard hitting pop goodness that she did oh so well.

Review Score: 7.6 out of 10

There There is out now.