Album Review: Loon Lake - Gloamer (2013 LP)

The wait is over folks, Loon Lake’s debut LP has arrived and it does not disappoint. Gloamer sees a new progression for the Melbourne five-piece, integrating a bevvy of musical influences to create that infectious pop-drenched euphony we’ve all come to know and love. An all-encompassing sound, Gloamer is rife with innovative pangs of electronica, crashing rhythms, groovin’ indie-pop fillers and those signature guitar riffs that get you moving and shaking.

Recorded both at home and at Northcote’s Sound Park Studios, Gloamer was produced by Steve Schram (San Cisco, Little Red) and Loon Lake’s very own, Nick Nolan. The welcomed incorporation of lush electronics meld seamlessly with the undoubtedly catchy guitar jabs and steady beats. The melodies are infectious (in true Loon Lake fashion), but the LP’s real heroes are the unexpected tracks that show a seemingly different direction for the boys.

The record opens with “Tonight”, an almost video game-esque flurry of sounds is interrupted by some nifty guitar work. The instrumental sheds some insight on the overall sensibility of the LP and the rampant electronic presence that lies ahead. Closely followed is “City Lights”, a track that gains overwhelming momentum with an infectious electronic undercurrent. The build peaks with crashing drums and a move inducing electro sequence.

“Bones” is the centerpiece of the album and sheer evidence of their sonic progression. An eerie piece, Nolan’s vocals retain a previously unseen, unique timbre. The phasing guitar and relentless drum rhythm compliment the strength of the vocals. The production is immaculate and an enthralling guitar solo at the songs close makes this one a personal favourite. The record closes with “Goodbye Forever”, a haunted vocal, the eerie number captures a somber feel that is all consuming. A piano ballad with an evident atmospheric feel, the track came to during a period of writers block for Nolan.

Gloamer showcases a newfound breadth of experience and an expansion on an already dynamic musicality. Big ups to Simon Nolan (guitar, vocals), Sam Nolan (guitar, keys), Nick Nolan (drums, production), Dan Bull (guitar) and Tim Lowe (bass) for belting out an LP that demonstrates both their well oiled pop-rock roots and their scope for innovation.

Review Score: 8.4 out of 10.

Gloamer is in stores now.