Little Scout - Take Your Light (2011 LP)

Little Scout's debut has been excitedly anticipated – specifically since the Brisbane band emerged onto the Australian music scene in 2008. It's been three long years since then, and after touring with big names such as Sally Seltmann and The New Pornographers, they've finally come up with a release. Their album is “a collection of songs recorded in various garages and studious by Jonathan Boulet and produced by Scott Bromiley of the John Steel Singers”, as quoted from their Myspace page ( With such notable musicians giving them a helping hand, it's needless to say that Take Your Light is an exceptional record.

As the opening track “In The Air” swells into existence, you know you have fallen upon a good thing. I hadn't listened to much Little Scout before I listened to the album, but I was almost instantly in love – lead singer Melissa Tickle's voice is beautiful and the clarity is astounding. This song builds just before the chorus and recedes back into the verse multiple times and it is a great technique, as it adds a little excitement into the first track and keeps you wanting more.

There are a couple of standout tracks on Take Your Light - “We Are Walking Out” has a strong bassline, beautiful harmonies and a cute guitar line, and “Dead Loss” brings to mind summer as a young, carefree child, evoking nostalgia and channeling a bit of Arcade Fire. Sometimes, guitarist Patrick Elliott relieves Melissa Tickle of her singing duties and takes the lead, and his voice is just as dreamy and mesmerising. Prime examples of this would be “The Easiest Way” and “Know Your Exit”. The only flaw I can find in Take Your Light is that it's all a little too similar, and there is no great versatility shown; however, what they do they do very, very well. The quality of the music – the instruments, the vocals and even the production and recording – is brilliant.

All in all, Take Your Light is a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing album that's sure to put a little smile on your face. It is the perfect soundtrack to a lazy weekend on which you read books, bake, drink tea and ponder the big questions. Little Scout are definitely a band to watch, because this debut is extremely impressive.

Review score: 8/10

Little Scout Take Your Light will be out on 5 August 2011 through MGM.