Album Review: Little May - Little May (2014 EP)

It’s all too easy to lose yourself in the tranquil, haunting and utterly majestic sounds of up-and-coming Sydney band, Little May. In their debut self-titled EP, the trio have proven that they are far more than just another folk group with sweet voices and acoustic guitars. Little May are on another level. Their stunning harmonies, beautiful lyrics and melodies, and phenomenal song structures weave together flawlessly to form something that not only hasn’t been heard before, but needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

Only seconds into the first track “Dust”, you find yourself immediately lost and completely submerged in the serene and familiar landscape that the song creates. Seconds later and your world is shaken up as the drums and guitar pick up the pace, the song continuing to build into something that is powerful, emotive and nothing short of a masterpiece.

“Hide” makes an appearance as the second track on the EP. Any Little May fans out there will already be familiar with this song and its beautiful guitar work, haunting harmonies and striking lyrics. Following is the melancholy and slightly country influenced “Midnight Hour, a track with a fascinating melody that gets under your skin in the most intriguing way possible. “Bones” pulls the listener into a state of composure in its subtle and relaxing sound, complete with a gorgeous bridge that builds itself up with extraordinarily layered harmonies.

Closing the EP is another well-loved Little May track, “Boardwalks”. Its light-hearted and charming aesthetic makes it a perfect closer for the album, drawing the listener to a place of calm and contentment.

Little May is nothing but magical. The trio have somehow managed to find a way to capture every emotion under the sun and then lay over them a blanket of that feeling of tranquillity that can only be experienced on a rainy Saturday. On top of this, they’ve somehow managed to convert this beautiful mixture into music – the kind of music that wraps itself into your heart and refuses to let go.

Review Score: 8.4 out of 10.

Little May is out now.