Album Review: letlive. - The Blackest Beautiful (2013 LP)


Letlive's second album for iconic punk label Epitaph is bubbling pot of influences heavy groove riffs, venom like vocals and dissonant overtones to create a sound that is best described by the albums title....The Blackest Beautiful. Combining the frenetic energy of Enter Shikari, the groove of the Deftones and harmony structure of Linkin Park, letlive have developed a truly unique sound in the post hardcore genre. A genre that is on the brink of repeating on itself, this band and this record is breath of fresh air.

Letlive have utilized different production ideas like the opening of 'Banshee' sounding like it was recorded with mono cassette recorder in a large empty warehouse. There’s a sombre violin concerto that ends the ‘Virgin Dust’ which is change of pace and nice touch. And the repetition in ‘Pheromone Cvlt’ especially the line “the grass is cut/the snakes will show” will have fans screaming back to the band when they tour these new tracks.

Lyrically, it’s quite critical focusing on levels of corruption from the church, to the state to business. A track like 'White America's Black Market' has a Fall Out Boy sound to it. It's cleaver melodic riffs and punk rock leanings backs a critical attack on American corporation control over politics and society. The track ‘The Dope Beat’ takes a similar vein with a nod towards Rage Against The Machine in its approach, highlighting the technical abilities of the band members being able to make aggressive music without being bombastic or thunderous.

This record doesn't so much as flow from track to track but more imposes itself on the listener. Varying pace within the songs make you listening in during the mellow patches before blasting you with a screamo filled breakdown.  It captures the bands frenetic live energy and contains it with force onto an album. It is the blackest beautiful and it's Letlive's finest work to date.

Review Score: 7.7 out of 10

The Blackest Beautiful is out now.