Album Review: King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Oddments (2014 LP)

Oddments, the fourth album from King Gizzard in 18 months, is another winning collection and continues the band's unbelievably prolific streak.

But first, the bad news: there's nothing on here that rivals "Head On/Pill", the 16 minute beastly opener to their last album, Float Along – Fill Your Lungs that currently stands as the King Gizzard song. Unless they want to play it at every gig they play from now on (which admittedly wouldn't be too bad), they have to start working on topping it.The good news is there's still plenty of gems found in these 32 minutes, and if the sound of a band with the prolificity of Guided By Voices and the skewed approach of Ween all cast through a psychedelic/garage lens appeals to you, then you should dive right in.

The quality of the songs ranges from good to great, like an updated Nuggets compilation, comprising of just one band. There's a lot of unconventional production and sequencing flourishes, which help keep things interesting and makes every song unique, no small feat when dealing in the often repetitive garage-rock genre. Opener "Alluda Majaka" is basically just a three minute organ solo. "Stressin" sounds like it was recorded through a woollen sock in an adjacent room, but after hearing it, you realise that it's treated perfectly. "Sleepwalker", with it's vocal riff and harmonies, is a stunner.

"Work This Time" borrows a Sufjan Stevens' melody, and the woollen sock recording returns, giving it a hazy feel and making the song perfect for when you're having trouble getting out of bed. The band saves the best, most surprising moment for second last; the penultimate "Homeless Man In Adidas" is an acoustic lament that is actually quite affecting (not a word I expected to use in the context of a King Gizzard review, but here we are).

Oddments may not top Float Along – Fill Your Lungs in King Gizzard's discography - it's only been four months, so it's understandable - but it's more than worthy of occupying half an hour of your time, and a valuable addition to this young, incredible band's oeuvre. I look forward to hearing their next album, presumably coming out in two weeks.

Review Score: 7.4 out of 10.

Oddments is out March 7th.