Kim Boekbinder & Amanda Palmer - Such Great Heights (2011 Single)

Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Palmer

At the end of their Australian tour in March this year, Kim Boekbinder and Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls) first sung their rendition of “Such Great Heights”. Originally recorded by The Postal Service and released in 2003, the track has been covered several times by names including Ben Folds, Iron & Wine and Teddy Geiger. Boekbinder and Palmer’s version differs from most, as it does not attempt to recreate to song’s main riff and is merely a ukulele and their voices.

While simplicity can be appreciated in a song, in the case of Boekbinder and Palmer’s cover of “Such Great Heights”, they have turned an iconic song into something completely forgettable. The cover is the same from start to finish; no changes in tempo, no added instruments, no key changes- it really is just a rehashing of Ben Gibbard’s lyrics with no additional creative input.

Boekbinder’s voice is the louder and noticeably weaker on the track. Palmer can occasionally be heard, but together, their voices mould into the one monotone sound. Perhaps this was not best track to showcase any vocal ability, however, it is quite distracting for the listener.

The track is being released on a limited edition 7” record, along with Boekbinder’s original song, “On The Other Side Of The World.” Only 1000 copies will be available, and each will be signed by Boekbinder.

Review score: 4/10