Album Review: John Fogerty - Wrote A Song For Everyone (2013 LP)

John Fogerty

Legendary songwriter and former Creedence Clearwater Revival front man John Fogerty revisits some of his classic CCR songs with collaborations with some of today's best country rock artists to breath new life into these timeless tracks.

Artists such as Brad Paisley, Alan Jackson, Zac Brown Band and our own Keith Urban all stamp their own style on these Fogerty classics, giving them a much more "Nashville" sound.

The kicks off with one hell of a blast in a rendition of 'Fortunate Son' with Fogerty backed by Dave Grohl and the rest of the Fooies. Those who saw the Sound City documentary would be familiar with this version. It has a real bite to it and is a stand out track on the album. The title track featuring Miranda Lambert takes that real twangy country flavour until Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello rips it a new one with another amazing guitar solo. (Where won't he pop up these days!). The other stand out collaboration is 'Someday Never Comes' with Dawes as it holds true to the original CCR version.

John sets aside two songs on his own. 'Train Of Fools' and 'Mystic Highway' which has a country vibe before a a great blues rock solo and gospel choir bridge before returning to its country music roots. The song highlights the depth and character of Fogerty's songwriting and that amazing, unique vocal quality that made Creedence Clearwater so damn good!

The album is a celebration and tribute to Fogerty. And his hand picked artists he felt would add something to the new versions of his tracks. There could be a perceived sense of narcissism in a man playing on his own tribute album and also having his sons involved on the track 'Lodi', but for most of this record, it feels like a genuine appreciation and not a record to appease the ego and make some cash. Could have done without the Kid Rock collaboration though!

Rating 6.5/10