Jebediah - Kosciuszko (2011 LP)

Fourteen years ago Jebediah inspired teenagers around the nation to be moving on with their hit single “Leaving Home” and they’ve been in and out Australia’s consciousness ever since with their grunge/punk/rock that is cheeky, endearing, heartfelt and endlessly fun.

2011 marks the release of the first Jebediah album in five years and as it is with any ‘come back’ record there was much hype and trepidation surrounding the arrival of Kosciuszko. The apparent labour of love for the band was well worth waiting for as the king’s of 90’s rock prove they’ve still got it with a measured and mature approach that see’s the remnants of grunge angst mashed together with more melodious arrangements.

Singles “Lost My Nerve” and “She’s Like A Comet” are a glorious throwback to the Jeb’s hey day with that classic nineties sound and frenzied energy that has seen both tracks receiving plenty of airplay in recent months.

“To Your Door” is a richly textured tune that is steeped in old world charm and wouldn’t be out of place in country and western style saloon. This track highlights the band’s growth and the different approach they‘ve taken in constructing their sound, including a riveting keyboard track along with the manic guitars and Kevin Mitchell’s distinct vocals, which thankfully have become less nasal over the years.

Jebediah still seamlessly blend genuine feelings with big guitar riffs and neatly package it into songs you can jump around to. “Battlesong” is a mix of the ballad-esque with a rocking chorus and some more lovely piano work. While “High [Horse]” is a rollicking, sweaty affair that leaves you breathless before the album ends on the impassioned tones of “Are We Okay?”, a soft eighties inspired tune that offers a final twist in the varied work that comprises the album.

Kosciuszko doesn’t have the immediate energy and raw intensity of Jebediah classic’s Slightly Odway and Of Someday Shambles, but the album as a whole sports a slew of well written tunes that make for highly enjoyable listening.

Kosciuszko is a testament to the band's longevity and offers tangible proof that Jebediah are still a force to be reckoned with on the Australian music scene.

Review Score: 7/10