Album Review: Jane’s Addiction - Live in NYC (2013 LP)

Jane’s Addiction's official second live album Live In NYC was recorded in front of a sell out show at terminal 5 in New York on the back of 2011’s The Great Escape Artist. The album comes with a DVD/Blu Ray of the concert which is better indication of what a Jane’s Addiction live show is all about.

They always put on visually spectacular shows... Whether that be with topless geisha dancers like they brought with them for Soundwave a few years back or amazing visual backdrops and light displays, it always enhances the psychedelic drama of the band's music. Listening to the live songs on their own, naturally, does not give you the sense of wonderment that is derived from a Jane’s gig, so I think this album may be better considered as a live retrospective of their career.

The record is packed with fan favourites over the years. The pompous rock of ‘Just Because’, ‘Been Caught Stealing’, the ethereal ‘Three Days’ and the classic ‘Jane Says’ are staples in every Jane’s Addiction set. The crowd were treated with the first live performance of ‘Irresistible Force’ from the The Great Escape Artist and an extended version of ‘Stop!’. Perry Farrell was in a very talkative mood, discussing where he was born in New York, Dave Navarro’s penis and other gems of general banter with the crowd.

Dave Navarro’s guitar work is impressive. Sure, he might have misfired with his short time in the Chili Peppers but he is an amazing rock guitarist and is probably overlooked at times for his ability with the six strings. The rhythm section was once again faultless and during the breaks in ‘Three Days’, this reviewer was reminded how talented these guys are as musicians and songwriters.

But, as I alluded to earlier, without the accompanying footage, this record doesn't have the full impact it should. So, if you can easily go back to Jane's Addictions original records, I can predict this Live edition wouldn't get too many spins. However, the DVD is something that I imagine fans will watch over and over again simply for the visual show the band puts on. An art that is sometimes lost with bands today.

Review Score: 6.0 out of 10 (DVD not reviewed)

Jane's Addiction Live In NYC comes out on June 25th. You can pre-order your copy at the Jane's Addiction website