Album Review: Harts - Daydreamer (2014 LP)

Harts is in a league of his own with debut album Daydreamer. A Melbourne man, Darren Hart released his long-awaited first album back in September of last year, following has rocket to fame in Australia with lead single “Red & Blue” in high rotation on Triple J. The acclaim is also worldwide with high profile fans championing his music, one such being the iconic Prince. Harts was invited to jam with the purple one in Minneapolis and the album has the legend's tick of approval.

So what has earned him such high praise? Well not only does Harts play electric guitar phenomenally; he also plays the keyboard, drums, bass guitar, synthesizer AND he sings. Did I mention he produced the whole album in his bedroom? Harts makes ‘one man machine’ sound like an understatement. His guitar skills are also of the strength future legends are made of, with epic, evocative solos featuring on nearly every track. Harts'guitar playing has been likened to that of Jimi Hendrix and to be honest, I wouldn’t argue.

The album opens with Prince’s favourite, the aforementioned “Red & Blue” which is a bluesy, sure-fire hit. The first time I heard it on the radio; I had to stop what I was doing just to find out who it was. The guitar solo creeps up on you; it caresses you and then punches you in the face. The range of guitar tones is equally matched by the range in Harts voice, complementing each other masterfully. The second song on the album “Leavn It All Behind” is more upbeat and funky, but it still has a ripping guitar solo that reminds you who you’re listening to. “Lovers In Bloom” and “Angels Walk Below” also showcase Harts' voice with soaring falsettos that are matched with glassy guitar hooks.

“Under Falling Skies” changes the pace completely and suddenly you’re listening to smooth and sensual R&B. It clearly demonstrates that Harts has the ability to excel in a range of genres. “The Last Two Three” is the album's epic closer which runs for over eight minutes. It’s another slower one which ultimately fades into an instrumental outro, complete with waling guitars.

Harts has had complete creative control over this album, and it shows. If his aim is to bring back guitar driven music in an array of genres, then he does just that. Daydreamer is a timeless rock/funk album that anyone with a taste for the classics will no doubt fall in love with.

Review Score: 8.0 out of 10.

Daydreamer is available now, you can purchase it on iTunes via HERE.