Grouplove - Tongue Tied (2011 Single)


Grouplove seem to have this unmistakable talent for crafting songs that simply refuse to let up.

Their latest single, "Tongue Tied", taken from their acclaimed debut LP Never Trust A Happy Song, almost feels like it belongs on the dance floor - and if their album title is anything to go by, this song should definitely not be trusted. With a soaring chorus, cutesy glock instrumentation, and Christian Zucconi's occasionally husky yelps, the song really is a mixture of pop-sensibilities with a dab of rawness and energy.

Mysterious brownies and all, the video clip brings back all of those "What did I do last night?" memories, and it fits the song perfectly.

It's no wonder their set at Splendour earlier in the year was received so well, because Grouplove would fit right in on the festival circuit. They're the kind of band that have the potential to involve the crowd, to the point where it ceases to be just about the music and becomes something more.

It's not the catchiest song of the year, but the bottom line is: this song is fun, the band sound like they're having fun, and if you let yourself go for 3 and a half minutes, you'll have fun too.

Review Score: 7/10