Album Review: Grey Ghost - The Elixir (2013 EP)

Australia’s finest MC, Grey Ghost a.k.a Jeremedy hits us with his creative explosion and second EP titled, The Elixir. Jeremedy’s second EP shows a massive amount of growth in such a short time, since his debut EP Grey Ghost in late 2011, combining the classic flow of rap verses into explosive catchy pop chorus’ blending hip-hop, rock and pop together that will stay in your head for days, whether you like it or not.

The EP opens with the title track, kicking things off with soft distorted keys, giving off a space age feel then hitting straight into the punchy vocals of the verse backed by classic drum and bass with a touch of guitar. "The Elixir" is chanted through the chorus supported with a flowing melody and harmonies with Jeremedy promising to show you ‘What the world looks like in the future’, I’m left feeling a little curious.

‘Back To Life’, is a vocally orientated track being backed by heavy drum and bass with a splash of electronic keys. The vocals are distorted with the affect of auto-tune on some of the key words, with backing vocals sitting under raps and empty sections providing a primitive effect while building the song. This track gives off a little ‘Yeezus’ vibe, one of a kind and easy to dig.

Hitting the third track you get to a song titled ‘Satellite’, with a huge intergalactic space travel influence, Jeremedy will fly you to the moon and back with this cosmic love track. ‘Satellite’ is the dance track on The Elixir, with the electronics and dubs on the vocals, and catchy hook of the chorus will stick in your head, a feel good song.

The last two tracks are ‘Long Way Home’ and ‘Dynamite Love’ are polar opposites in dynamics and structure yet they are the powerhouses behind the EP, really summing up the overall message through all the five tracks. The Elixir is a journey of self-discovery and trying to figure it all out, from everyday things like, love, self-doubt, and social status, to questioning the future and its outcomes. These messages are what make this EP stand out in a way that is more pure and real than anything out there at the moment. Grey Ghost’s lyrics alone can drive him to huge success.

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Review Score: 8.0 out of 10

The Elixir EP is in stores now.