Georgia Fair - All Through Winter (2011 LP)

Sydney folk-pop duo Georgia Fair became well known a couple of years ago, when their incredibly catchy hit “Picture Frames” was featured in a Moove television commercial. They were all of a sudden the band everyone was talking about. Their debut album All Through Winter shows that Georgia Fair have grown a lot since “Picture Frames”, and have blossomed into an extremely talented band with a whole lot of potential.

The opening track, “Times Fly” indicates you’re in for a lovely, harmonic experience. The chilled lead vocals are reminiscent of Oh Mercy’s Alexander Gow and the texture is sparse. The song is almost ethereal, with a melancholic tinge to it, and for some reason it feels like more of an album closer than opener. However, it still works well as the first track and keeps you wanting more.

All Through Winter has both highs and lows. Although a variety of moods and tones are showcased throughout the album, I think the first half is more impressive. Tracks like lead single “Where You Been” and “Float Away” are sweet, happy, charming and uplifting, whereas “Blind” and “My New Home” are decidedly more laidback, melancholic and mysterious. My favourite song on the record was definitely “Time” as it was just so incredibly beautiful. A couple of the more forgettable tracks were “Simple Man” and “Remember Me” – they were repetitive and very similar to some of the other song while not being of as high a calibre.

“As The Sun Fades” is a solid closer, bringing to mind warm, summer sunsets. All Through Winter is a beautiful debut from a very promising band. The constant brilliant harmonies and great guitar work meld to make this a fantastic Sunday afternoon easy listening affair. There may not be any “Picture Frames”-like catchy hits on the record, but it definitely packs an array of stunning, gentle songs.

Review score: 7/10