Georgi Kay - Backwards Forwards (2011 LP)

Having heard Georgi Kay live several times, I shouldn’t have been surprised at what I found on her debut album Backwards Forwards, yet still here I sit, watching my goose bumps prance about like Morris Dancers, whilst all the while wondering whether or not it’s illegal to cram so much goodness into one small package without displaying a statement from the surgeon general, warning that this album “May induce involuntary head bobbing and/or off key singing regardless of whether you are sitting at the traffic lights or ordering sweet and sour chicken from the Golden Duck Palace”

The first thing you will notice on this album is Georgi’s voice…..

The second thing you will notice on this album is also Georgi’s voice.

Its been known to make grown men sigh and grown women think about batting for the other side and has this unique quality that makes it hard to define yet is a pure joy to listen to. Its filled with emotion and feeling and draws you into the wonderfully written world that’s being created in 3 minute segments.

Due to the prodigious talent of Ms Kay, there is a diverse range of songs on Backwards Forwards but for me the truly magical moments surface when her voice is given the room to jump up on the bar, tap dance the theme song from Sesame Street and shout…. Look at me, I freakin rock!!!

Having won the 2010 WAMI Song of the Year there have always been hints that Georgi Kay can write a good song, but it’s not till you immerse yourself in Backwards Forwards that you discover just how good she truly is. “Breakfast In Bedlam”, “The Cure”, “Lionheart” and “Free” the song she wrote in collaboration with Hip Hop artists The Stoops will prove beyond any doubt that here is an artist that has a very bright future ahead of her.

If you just want another Indi album to add to your collection, I’d suggest you look elsewhere, but if you want a truly beautiful musical experience, look no further than this. It’s the sort of album that you are going to play over and over and over and over again.

Do yourself a favour and buy a copy today, then do yourself another favour and go listen to her live…. you won’t be disappointed, I’d bet my sheep station on it.

Review Score: 9/10