Album Review: Evil Eddie - Welcome To Flavour Country (2012 LP)

evil eddie

Ex-Butterfingers front man Eddie is back making music and flipping the bird to just about anyone he feels needs a reality check. On his debut solo record Welcome To Flavour Country, the Brisbane native doesn't take a step back in coming forward, laying the boot into the Hip Hop scene in "Golden Age", people who have doubted him in "Doin' What I've Got To Do" and society in general in "What You Give Is What You Get".

But there is element of regret in the track "Bad Son" where he attempts to apologise to his parents for all the grief, and to all the friends and lovers he has disappointed over the years. Is it a sign of maturity? Quite possibly, but then again in "Hungover Again" he raps about stumbling home after a night out with a broken phone, a lost wallet, the need to piss and knowing that his girlfriend will be mad when he gets home. So it seems while he is mature enough to know he's done wrong, he is still going to keep fucking up.

Musically this album is more hip hop and rap focused then Butterfingers mix of punk and hip hop. But that doesn't mean there isn't some heavy riffs on the record, with "Voices In My Head" being an example. There's a funky riff backing 'Evil' and DJ mash up on "****ing Frenzy". At times his lyrics are a little lazy and absurd like in the chorus of the first single "Queensland" ('everybody turn your back to us/and shake your gluteus maximus') but on a whole the record is a solid effort. It borders on Australia's version of Eminem with the Evil Eddie persona at times, but there is enough quality to ensure repeat plays on the iPod.

Review Score: 7.1 out of 10