Single Review: Darkc3ll - Six hundred and six six (2012)

Darkc3ll - Six hundred and six six

Fans of Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, N.I.N, Static X and Coal Chamber sit up and take notice DARKC3LL are right here to blow your collective minds. Their latest single 'Six hundred and six six' is here and along the same vein as the aforementioned artists; and in particular I would draw parallels to Marilyn Manson's mid 1990's track 'Beautiful People' with a similar sounding chugging guitar riff and drums to follow, but that's where the similarities end.

12/12/12 was the devilishly decided release date and it hit the iTunes Metal Charts at a super impressive #5 almost instantly. A massive effort for an Australian band not affiliated with a major record label as yet (WATCH THIS SPACE) “...all I can say is: brace yourself people.” Says vocalist, Jessie Dracman. And I definitely agree, brace yourself indeed!

Industrial Metal circa mid 1990's seems to be back in full force in 2012 with the reforming of Coal Chamber and Marilyn Manson tours and such, but here it is with none of the tired, stale sameness that plagued the scene towards the latter part of the 1990's, the 'death knell' for Industrial Metal as far as this reviewer is concerned. This track is brutal, exceptionally honest and a just a little bit evil. It covers all the old bases whilst bringing the new breed Aussie Industrial flavor. In my humble opinion it is executed in a seasoned and professional manner and to be absolutely frank I'm still not tired of hearing 'Six hundred and six six'. It is THAT compelling!

Before they head out on the road for their upcoming album tour you can catch them in Sydney on New Years' Eve with another seasoned and brutal Australian Industrial outfit MELODY BLACK at Venom Nightclub where they will most definitely try to take your soul and feast upon it.
“We have one show left for 2012, and it’s a big one. NYE in Sydney at the one and only

Venom Nightclub with our “Brothers of Chaos”, Melody Black. tickets are selling fast, so be surenot to miss out as there are limited pre sales available and this will be one for the ages. Till next time, STAY DARK…” says Jessie Dracman
So, heres the verdict... This track is right up my alley, I can't get enough of it. It is old skool industrial with some new age flavour and is guaranteed to make my end of year list. “Ive got reasons on my mind, 6,6,6 reasons why...”

Review Score: 10 out of 10