Album Review: Concord America - Suns Out Guns Out (2014 EP)

It’s been a while since I’ve been floored by an EP, but Concord America have done it. A balls to the wall, no fucks given mix of grunge, rock, doo-wop, punk, surf rock and everything else in between, Suns Out Guns Out, the latest EP by the talented Atlanta-based trio, is a music-lovers dream.

Managing to squeeze almost every genre under the sun into just seven songs, Concord America have given us a hot, filthy mess of insane guitar riffs, wild beats and fiery bass. Short and far from sweet, but jam-packed with a surprising skill and a ridiculous element of fun, ConAm gives you not only everything you need, but a shit-load of stuff you didn’t realise you wanted, while looking and feeling totally badass about it.
Moving from grungy surf rock ("Howling at the Moon") to a punch to the face rock tune ("Crown Vic") to a punk rock mosh track ("Hippie Trash"), the sheer diversity on just an EP leaves me wanting more with every track.

Stand out track, "So Gay" is a dancey tune that lives up to bizarre music video that comes with it, homicidal hot dog and all. With a surf rock feel, the self-deprecating lyrics gel wonderfully with the absurd musical talent that is prevalent throughout the seven songs on the EP.

Finishing with the title track, "Suns Out Guns Out", which is a two minute exercise in melting faces. Quick, clever lyrics, snarling guitar riffs and a solid, catchy hook, Suns Out, Guns Out is really the EP in a nutshell, showcasing a band that is not afraid of the unknown, because they kill it, all of it.

Suns Out Guns Out made me feel like I was in a field somewhere with thousands of other fans, a beer in hand, throwing shapes at a festival, instead of stuck on a train on a cold rainy day in peak hour. And really, that’s all I can ask for from a band. Listen to this EP and there is no turning back. Suns Out, Guns Out indeed boys.

Review Score: 9.4 out of 10

Suns Out Guns Out is available now.

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