Album Review: Client Liaison - Client Liaison (2014 EP)

Client Liaison are unabashedly retro. Everything about them from the old school mobile phone pasted across their EP cover, their music clips filmed almost purely on self-repaired, discontinued analogue video cameras. Down to the outfits the duo drape themselves in on stage.

The music thankfully isn’t a complete re-hash of the 80’s. They take enough inspiration from other outlets that the music doesn’t fall into a too hip pool of cocaine night references and Band of Seagulls haircuts. Sure there are some decidedly Spandau Ballet saxophone solo’s, like the one that threatens to steal the show from centrepiece "Queen", but they are offset with enough smart song writing and modern production knowhow to avoiding falling into pure novelty.

"Feed The Rhythm" takes cues from early 90’s house and pop music, while littering itself the same swashes of synths and snippets of soul backing vocals that Cut Copy so effectively used on In Ghost Colours. It works for the song and works perfectly as a piece of radio pop, it’s catchy and fun but doesn’t offer anything that hasn’t already existed in the Australian music climate. This can be applied to the rest of the record, "Feeling" is a warm and inviting synth-pop ballad. One can imagine it sound tracking a long forgotten, slightly smutty John Hughes film scene, with confused youth fumbling in the backseat of a car.

So much of Client Liaison’s appeal has been built through the unified vision that they have produced in their performances art and videos that accompany the music. These come as a package for the group and the hype and respect it has earned them is well deserved. When their songs are removed from context though they lose impact. They are well constructed and expertly executed but fail to offer anything that hasn’t come before them, which may be the point after all.

Review Score 6.4 out of 10

Client Liaison is available now.