Album Review: Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - Pardon My French (2013 LP)

chunk no captain chunk

A French pop punk/metalcore crossover act are a difficult band to write about. There are preconceived notions you get even before you listen to the album due to the ridiculous band name, taken from a line from The Goonies. They also combine two opposite sides of the punk spectrum. The songs and themes are very much in that sickly sweet sugary pop punk vein. Think New Found Glory or Motion City Soundtrack.

Then they flip the switch and go down the metalcore path with chugging, detuned riffs and vicious growls a la The Devil Wears Prada or our own Amity Affliction. It's an odd mash up which also takes a while to fully comprehend and write about.

Pardon My French is the quintet's second record and first for esteemed punk label Fearless Records (better known for their Punk Goes... Series). The record on its merits has potential. But 'potential' is also a killer word in a scene that can be quite fickle. There is nothing they do wrong on this album, but at the same time there is nothing they have done exceptionally well. It's comes across as very formulated with each song carrying the same structure - intro/clean, vocal/metalcore, breakdown/chorus, and repeat twice. The teenage angst love songs have been written by better bands and don't really provide anything new in the way of tapping into an emotion and when they attempt to get angry like they do in "Haters Gonna Hate", it just sounds like they've picked apart the best lines from a million other bands that contain the 'F' word.

The thing with this album is that it's not so much that it's bad, it's just not interesting. It's a record that you won't be listening to in a few weeks and if your iPod is on shuffle, you'll skip more of their tracks then you will listening to them. But, as I said there is potential. With time and experience they could be a much better band with much better songs, but this is not the record I'd be suggesting people pick up.

Review Score: 4.5 out of 10