Bridezilla - The First Dance (2009)

On the back of a single ep, Sydney’s Bridezilla have accomplished so much, it is hard to imagine exactly where their freshly released debut full –length, The First Dance, will take them. A sultry mix of folk inspired rock and roll, The First Dance is gentle but strong, holding an understated power, a subtle strength that many bands lack.

Second track in is ‘Beaches’, the debut single off the record, representing the band flawlessly. The ethereal blend of Daisy Tulley’s violin and Millie Hall on saxophone carrying along front-woman Holiday Sidewinder’s tender vocals helps creates a calming and beautiful atmosphere.

‘Speaking to Soft Toys’ manages to produce the type of sound the title would envisage, a melodious nursery rhyme, peaceful circulating keyboard tune creating a child-like charm. ‘Tailback’ brings the moral up a little, carrying this bizarrely Cranberries-esque pop appeal with this riff played out between guitar and violin causing it to become stuck in your head. It is definitely a highlight on the album, though for me my favourite is ‘Heart you Hold’, Holiday’s delicate vocals taking on this even more-so fragile air, heart-breaking and elusive, the song unearthing this lamenting demeanour.

Another highlight is ‘Magnetic Arrest’, with a thumping heart-beat of drums and Holiday’s vocals once again exhuming this sultry charm, before all instruments conjoin to create a romantic, awe-inspiring atmosphere. Earlier this year, the band released a slipt 7 inch in which ‘Forth and Fine’ was found, the song also making an appearance on the album. This song has a particular beauty to it, captivating in the way it swells in and out, before falling into a war march-inspired rhythm.

The album finishes with a track entitled ‘The Last Dance’, leaving the listener with another picture-perfect and memorable example of what makes this band so intriguing, captivating and exciting.

Bridezilla’s music radiates this splendour in the maturity of its lyrics and the magnificence of its instrumentation. There is not anything like this around, and I am not sure anyone will be able to come close to producing such a beautiful work of art like The First Dance for a very long time.

Review Score: 9.5/10