Blue King Brown - Worldwize Part 1 North & South (2010 LP)

Blue King Brown


Blue King Brown has emerged as a major player in the Australian urban roots scene. Their latest album and second LP, Worldwize Part 1, reaffirms this. The album sees the band collaborate with a range of different artists to create some beautiful, catchy songs.


On the first disc, ‘North’, the band effortlessly combines reggae, urban, and roots sounds into their music. With six members, the band uses an array of instruments. The steady reggae guitar and drums form the base for the weaving of vocals, brass, strings, piano, and other percussion to create the sounds that make up an individual song. This is clear in songs like “Resist”, which begins with an elegant string introduction and “Everywhere We Go”, which demonstrates a great integration of strings into an urban style song. It’s this aspect that really highlights their talent as a group of musicians.


Not only do these tracks illustrate the instrumental side of the band, they also show the great vocal talent of Natalie Pa’apa’a. She has a stunning voice that beautifully suits the band’s music. But it’s not just how Pa’apa’a sings, it’s what she sings.


The band are known for their socially aware lyrics and you can quickly see their passion for this. At the same time, the music conveys a positive message of peace, love, and determination. This is, of course, obvious from the statements made in the opening track and in songs like “Say Peace”.


Throughout the album, the band sticks to their reggae, urban, and roots sound. But it never gets boring or repetitive – it’s constantly fresh and makes you want to get up and dance, or at the very least, tap your feet.


The LP also includes ‘South’, a second disc of dub tracks and features a remix of “Say Peace”. This disc is more instrumental and is a worthy companion to the first disc.


Worldwize Part 1 is a great urban roots album and really shows that Blue King Brown is a fantastic addition to the Australian music scene.


Review Score: 8/10