Album Review: Grinspoon - Black Rabbits (2012 LP)

Grinspoon Black Rabbits

After being on hiatus since their 2009 release Six To Midnight, Australian rock band Grinspoon are back with their seventh album Black Rabbits, ahead of their performances at Big Day Out 2013.

This album is everything you expect from an Australian rock album, especially a Grinspoon album; impressive guitar riffs and catchy lyrics. The album has been promoted by the band as being lighter than previous albums, and it has delivered. Although this may make some people worry about the band going in a different direction, the album is still excellent.

The album begins with the album’s first single “Passerby”, which is currently available to purchase. It begins with a fast beat, similar to that at the start of Gossip’s 2009 hit “Heavy Cross”. Although the lyrics of the chorus get slightly drowned out by the guitars as compared to the verses, after a few listens the song becomes very catchy.

“Final Reward” is more guitar heavy, highlighted at the end of the second chorus with an electric guitar riff. “Beaujolais” starts off slow, but then the beat and guitars pick up to make it a typical, slower rock song. The song shows lead singer Phil Jamieson’s vocal range moreso than the previous two songs, as there are more high pitched notes. The backup singers will definitely encourage people to sing along to the song when it is performed live. “Branded” comes across as more of a pop song rather than a rock song. “Just A Sound” is well produced, but just sounds like a typical Grinspoon song, so there is nothing too special about it. The combination of guitars at the beginning of the song and then the fast beat suit a song titled “Emergency.” Like many of the songs on the album, by the second chorus you will know the words of the chorus and will want to sing along.

“Full Moon” starts off slow, as did song five “Carry On”. Both songs offer a small amount of variety to the album from the other fast passed and more guitar heavy songs. “Another Song” is another example of songs like this, however the chorus is well written and the obvious rhyming makes it easy to remember and figure out the next lyric.

“Tightrope” is another fast beat, guitar heavy song similar to “Emergency”. The album concludes with a short two minute song “Battleground” which is fast, loud, and full of heavy electric guitars and again a catchy chorus. Although it ends abruptly, it makes for the perfect final song to the album.

Black Rabbit is an impressive album, full of guitar riffs that highlight how talented the guitarists are, and catchy lyrics that make the entire album easy to remember and enjoyable. It is extremely well produced so it is easy to listen to. This album sounds like it would be amazing performed live, and will definitely make people want to go and see them perform.

Review Score: 9.0 out of 10.