Album Review: Adalita - All Day Venus (2013 LP)

All Day Venus is the second solo album for Adalita. The former Magic Dirt lead singer enjoyed success and acclaim for her self-titled debut... so does the second album measure up? Of course it does! We’re talking about Adalita here!

‘Annihilate Baby’ is the perfect choice for an opening track. What a song. From the second that dirty guitar riff starts, you know she means business. She sounds very similar to ‘90s PJ Harvey to start with – that raspy voice, with a bit of an echo in the opening line is very To Bring You My Love – but this changes as the song goes on. The arrangement is simple but completely effective, and the track is a perfect way to set the scene for the rest of the album.

The slightly more stripped back and vulnerable, ‘I Want Your Love’ is next, and gives the album a softer side. The song starts with just a guitar and vocals, and slowly builds up when the drums are added. It gives the song some more body and makes it more interesting. The lyrics do become a little repetitive but overall, it’s still a fun song.

The rest of the tracks follow the same kind of theme, the distorted guitar riffs and heavy drum beats, with Adalita’s signature word pronunciation. I love that the arrangements on these tracks are so simple, it makes you appreciate her voice and notice her lyrics more.

The harder tracks are what make this album - 'Warm Like You' and title track 'All Day Venus' are just two songs that deserve a mention. Adalita starts to show a little more range in her vocals in the latter song - her low pitched rasp is gorgeous but when her pitch is higher it helps the song to sound a lot lighter and shows off her talent.

Ballad 'Too Far' features very sad, honest lyrics: "Don't make me say it, making out like you don't care, I know you do. Need a little fix, I'll be a little fix for you." This track is yet another standout, on an album that seems to be all standouts. Adalita has really come into her own with her vocal range and lyrics this time around.

All Day Venus is a refreshingly honest and raw album, just what Australian music needs at the moment.

Review Score: 9.0 out of 10 - AU APPROVED!

All Day Venus is available from 20 September through Liberation