Album Review: The Kooks - Listen (2014 LP)

If the latest release from The Kooks could be summed up in one word, it would be “groovy”. The entirety of their brand new album Listen is full of fresh, funky beats, catchy guitar riffs and rhythmic vocals that keep your feet tapping and your head bopping, whether you like it or not.

Album Review: Concord America - Suns Out Guns Out (2014 EP)

It’s been a while since I’ve been floored by an EP, but Concord America have done it. A balls to the wall, no fucks given mix of grunge, rock, doo-wop, punk, surf rock and everything else in between, Suns Out Guns Out, the latest EP by the talented Atlanta-based trio, is a music-lovers dream.

Album Review: Sticky Fingers - Land of Pleasure (2014 LP)

With their relentless tour schedule both nationally and across Europe, it’s hard to believe that the Sticky Fingers boys have had enough time to pick their nose, let alone release an album. Yet here they are, Australia’s favourite cheeky Sydneysiders are back with their second offering, Land of Pleasure. A devilishly sweet sophomore to Caress Your Soul, and one that does not disappoint.

Classic Album Review: Something For Kate - Echolalia (2001 LP)

It's a weird feeling looking up interviews that were made over a decade ago. Back in 2001, Something For Kate were just ramping up their successful music career, with Beautiful Sharks already considered a huge achievement and their 2001 release Echolalia the album that confirmed them as one of our finest talents - here to stay, no less.

Album Review: The Kite String Tangle - Vessel (2014 EP)

The Kite String Tangle has been a name on everyone’s lips for a good year now. TKST, or the man behind the moniker Danny Harley, has been locked in for almost every town and festival around the country from Ballarat to Brisbane. And now we finally have a new EP - Vessel - to enjoy along with his rising success...

Album Review: Kingswood - Microscopic Wars (2014 LP)

Kingswood have quickly become one of the best live acts in Australia, and now they finally have new songs to play for their adoring fans. The rocking Melbourne four piece have just released their debut album Microscopic Wars.

Album Review: The Griswolds - Be Impressive (2014 LP)

The Griswolds' debut album Be Impressive is one that's been a long time coming for fans. Having toured the absolute shit out of their Heart of a Lion EP since its 2012 release, the Sydney band have been focusing on establishing a reputable presence overseas as their local profile continued to grow quite strongly with the triple j fan base and crowds around the country. The album, while it may not surprise many who are switched on to their indie-pop stylings, is still a strong break out of the gates for the band and offers many bites of stylishly crafted music.

Album Review: One Day - Mainline (2014 LP)

Spit Syndicate, Horrorshow , Jackie Onassis and Joyride all have a few things in common. Firstly, they all hail from Sydney's inner-west. Secondly, they are all a huge part of the hip hop scene in Australia and actively part of its development. Finally, they are all members of the clique known as One Day and - to the joy (and perhaps surprise) of many hip hop fans - have just released their first album together.

Album Review: Kasabian - 48:13 (2014 LP)

English rockers Kasabian have always managed to inject a sense of in-your-face confidence into their numerous releases, with their latest album 48:13 being no exception. It’s a mish-mash of interludes, experimental moments and of course, the recognisable sounds of Tom Meighan and Sergio Pizzorno, leaving fans with something that is simultaneously familiar yet foreign.

Album Review: The Magic Numbers - Alias (2014 LP)

The Magic Numbers started their career on a high with their stupendous self-titled debut record. However they have struggled to produce an album anywhere as well received since. That is until now.

Album Review: Fractures - Fractures (2014 EP)

Going by the moniker of Fractures, Mark Zito has released a stunning self titled debut with the Fractures EP. Full of subtle harmonies, gentle brooding and haunting vocals and lyricism, Zito has put together an enlightening experience. Immersing the listener in an ethereal orchestra of soulful sounds Fractures is an introspective compilation following the themes of bitter love, loss and hidden turmoil. Delivering it all within a subtle production the EP lingers on your mind and keeps you looking back.

Album Review: Velociraptor - Self-Titled (2014 LP)

We all know that Velociraptor are a crisis waiting to happen, but this is what we love most about them. The Brisbane 12-ish piece band (at least), fronted by the very talented Jeremy Neale, have finally got their act together to released their debut self-titled LP.

Album Review: Angus & Julia Stone - Angus & Julia Stone (2014 LP)

The third album can be the first defining test for many artists. It can either cement their status as a one-trick pony (e.g. The Kooks) or act as definitive proof of their creativity and cultural significance (e.g. Radiohead). In the case of homegrown duo Angus and Julia Stone, their self-titled third album accomplishes the latter prospect to some extent. Working under the watchful eye of legendary producer Rick Rubin, Angus & Julia Stone steers away from the duo’s basic acoustic-folk sound towards a bluesy palette that challenges their creative limits and the public’s expectations of them.

Album Review: George Ezra - Wanted on Voyage (2014 LP)

I’m putting it out there right now: this will be the unofficial soundtrack of summer and for good reason. No doubt you've already heard ‘Budapest’ riding the airwaves but don’t discount him as a one hit wonder, the rest of the Wanted on Voyage is as catchy and delightful.

Album Review: Millions - Max Relax (2014 LP)

I remember the first time I ever saw Millions perform, which is saying something, considering it was in the middle of a blurry year of partying and uni. The youngbloods from Brisbane played to a small crowd, sure, but their sound captured the venue and before long, they were a popular fixture on the local scene with their Nine Lives, Six Degrees EP especially. Following on from a good amount of triple J love and popular live shows around the country, Millions went off the radar. A sojourn to London to work tirelessly on what would become the highly-anticipated debut album has clearly seen Millions evolve into a band who have refined their sound, have matured sonically and most of all, have kept that energy we saw them burst out on to the scene with back in 2011/12. Max Relax. Let's do it.