Album Review: Primus - Primus and The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble (2014 LP)

The gap isn’t as wide as it was when Primus first reemerged with Green Naugahyde after their 12-year hiatus from Anti-Pop. But, three years is still enough time to say “Guess who's come back for more...” Primus have just released their 8th studio album Primus and The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble. True to Primus fashion, it’s weird and wonderful which is perhaps perfect for this re-imagining of the weird and wonderful story Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Album Review: The Love Junkies - Blowing On the Devil’s Strumpet (2014 LP)

Fremantle trio The Love Junkies have released their sophomore LP Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet. Unlike so many bands that find themselves swamped in a sophomore slump, The Love Junkies have prevailed with a great new suite of songs. It doesn't feel that long ago that they played a gig at my town’s local bar... and now here they are with a second album. They grow up so fast!

Album Review: Client Liaison - Client Liaison (2014 EP)

Client Liaison are unabashedly retro. Everything about them from the old school mobile phone pasted across their EP cover, their music clips filmed almost purely on self-repaired, discontinued analogue video cameras. Down to the outfits the duo drape themselves in on stage.

Album Review: Vance Joy - Dream Your Life Away (2014 LP)

Sometime last year, the world was alerted to the existence of 'sexiest bachelor of the year' nominee Vance Joy with the explosion of single Riptide. Since April 2013 the wave of Vance Joy has been growing, culminating in the release of this new album: Dream Your Life Away the 9th of September. With a history in music including a degree from Monash, it's no wonder this album has been so hyped up especially since the Release of the Hottest 100 winning song 'Riptide'. So does the hype pay off?

Album Review: You+Me - rose ave. (2014 LP)

A bond shared between two friends is a special thing, but to be able to share what you’re most passionate about can make this bond even stronger. Created by both Dallas Green (of City and Colour) and Alecia Moore (P!nk), rose ave. is a collaborative effort made by both talented musicians and one that can be appreciated by many people who crave for music that will keep them at ease.

Album Review: Little May - Little May (2014 EP)

It’s all too easy to lose yourself in the tranquil, haunting and utterly majestic sounds of up-and-coming Sydney band, Little May. In their debut self-titled EP, the trio have proven that they are far more than just another folk group with sweet voices and acoustic guitars. Little May are on another level. Their stunning harmonies, beautiful lyrics and melodies, and phenomenal song structures weave together flawlessly to form something that not only hasn’t been heard before, but needs to be heard by as many people as possible.

Album Review: Augie March - Havens Dumb (2014 LP)

Expectation is a burden that follows any elite outfit that have a proven catalogue of gems. It’s this price of genius that brings out the nerves in some and the anticipation in others when word of a new release hits. Augie March fills that rarefied air with their fifth album Havens Dumb; a vintage effort that is the band’s first collection of songs in six years, making expectations even harder to overlook. It’s not unfair to ask whether Augie March still have something to say after such a significant hiatus and a lukewarm solo spin off from Glenn Richards but it’s with healthy dose of relief that I say, yes they do.

Lucy's Country and Blues Corner: October 2014 feat. Little Bastard, Emmylou Harris and Stoney Joe

In her new monthly column, our resident Blues, Roots, Folk and Country aficionado Lucy Inglis delves into three recently released albums from said worlds - breaking down what's worth listening to and what's not. In her first installment, Lucy takes us to Sydney with Little Bastard, to the recent re-release for the legendary Emmylou Harris and across to Perth to meet Stoney Joe.

Album Review: Tinashe - Aquarius (2014 LP)

On paper, Tinashe fits the R&B starlet mould perfectly. With a killer dance repetoire and sultry vocals, well-documented collaborations with rappers including A$AP Rocky and ScHoolboy Q and the likes of Drake and Future singing her praises, the pint-sized Los Angeles artist has been touted as the genre's 'next Princess'. A girl to follow in the footsteps of your Aaliyahs, Ciaras and Cassies. But as Tinashe's debut album Aquarius demonstrates, there is more than your club hits and remix fodder in this 21 year old's back pocket. In a music climate where the term 'alternative R&B' is thrown around too loosely, Tinashe joins the crop of female vocalists who are utlising some cool production and soundscapes to marry quite gorgeously with their slick groove-laden vocals.

Album Review: Jakob - Sines (2014 LP)

'Blind Them with Science' takes the lead for the album, displaying a sheer defiant spirit that burns throughout the rest of the tracks. It's been eight years since Jakob's last album, eight long years of injuries, frustration and bad luck, and this album is very much a triumphant middle finger to all of that. The mournful 'Emergent' follows the ferocious first track, orchestral strings weaving another layer of melody to the singing guitar and echoing bass. 'Magna Carta' is when the band starts to slowly flex its muscles, as the slow, controlled start gives way to wonderful warped guitar driven by the drum's incessant battering rhythm.

Album Review: New Found Glory - Resurrection (2014 LP)

With their expertise in the pop punk genre, the men of New Found Glory have taken themselves to another level with their eighth full-length record Resurrection, delivering an album of high energy, creativity, fluidity and edge. The album is a must-have for lovers of pop-punk or adventurous listeners who desire a much-needed soundtrack to their summer days.

Album Review: Missy Higgins - Oz (2014 LP)

With a beautiful catalogue of cover songs, Oz, represents the talent across many Australian musicians and bands and it's safe to say that Missy Higgins approaches each song with such clarity, grace and passion. An underrated musician in many respects, Missy crafts each song to perfection by showcasing her soothing vocals, adding an atmosphere of peaceful serenity with her own personality and style in each track. A style one cannot imitate because of the genuine, honest nature it upholds.

Album Review: Great Good Fine OK - Body Diamond (2014 EP)

Great Good Fine OK are a relatively fresh face in the electro-pop playground and even more so to the sunny shores of Australia. They’ve slowly but surely built up a grass roots fan base in the US that has them hyped by some of the biggest names in the blog-o-sphere. But their anonymity is really the most exciting part about this all. Their debut EP Body Diamond kicked into digital stores last Friday, showcasing four tracks that combine to make one of the most emotionally charged dance releases of the year.

Album Review: The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die - Between Bodies (2014 EP)

These are odd times we live in. Space missions are an oddity again, the Ozone hole is sewing itself back up and one of the most esteemed bands currently in their genre can have a name longer than the lifespan of most other bands. This act would be Connecticut’s The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die (or TWIABP for the sake of convenience), champions of the modern day emo scene despite being one of the most lively and hilarious groups of people you'll ever meet.

Album Review: Alt-J - This Is All Yours (2014 LP)

With every new release, there stands the universal question "Will it be as good as their last?". This is often the biggest hurdle faced when producing a sophomore album, even more so for bands such as Alt-J who broke the scene with their debut An Awesome Wave. Two years later and without the presence of founding member Gwil Sainsbury, we are presented with This Is All Yours. So is it as good as their last?