Album Review: Hau - Football, Feasts and Funerals (2014 Mixtape)

He has done the rounds as an MC with Koolism for over two decades, he hosts the Triple J Hip Hop show on Thursday nights and put together with his love for fly kicks, Hau Latukefu is hip-hop through and through. So this all in mind, it seems it was only a natural progression that he would go solo. The Football, Feasts & Funerals mixtape is the appetiser to his solo career which will continue next year, with the release of The No End Theory.

Album Review: Perfume Genius - Too Bright (2014 LP)

For many, the first introduction to singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas aka Perfume Genius was in the form of “Mr. Peterson”, the leading track off his 2010 debut Learning. Characterised by its creaking piano and trembling, reverb-heavy vocals, this quietly powerful ballad showcased his exceptional talent in creating tracks that were equal parts bold and vulnerable. On his third record, Too Bright, Hadreas has moved beyond these simple means of evocation and into grander territory, giving his honest songwriting a fascinating edge that will order many to reconfigure their perceptions of this once introverted artist.

Album Review: Antiskeptic - Stare Down the Ocean (2014 LP)

Melbourne four piece and Aussie rock legends, Antiskeptic are back after a six year break with Stare Down the Ocean; their latest full length release.

Album Review: Slaves - Through Art We Are All Equals (2014 LP)

Through Art We Are All Equals, is post-hardcore/experimental rock band Slaves' debut record. The group have created a shapeshifting record that has a soulful edge. Although some songs feel out of place and don't fulfil their potential, Jonny Craig (formerly of Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance and Isles & Glaciers) worshippers will nonetheless enjoy this album. As you would from a guy with the voice of an angel.

Album Review: Broods - Evergreen (2014 LP)

New Zealands own brother-sister duo, Broods have certainly had a whirlwind year. As the supporting act to Haim and Ellie Goulding as well as performing at Splendour in the Grass, it's incredible to think they've also released the full length album, Evergreen in that time.

Album Review: Deaf Wish - Deaf Wish (2014 LP - 2007 Reissue)

A few weeks ago, rock icon Gene Simmons moaned and cried about how rock is dead, and at first glance it appears that he might be right. The RAWK isn't as prominent as it was back in the day because folk, electronica, RnB and a bunch of other good stuff have exploded into the mainstream. Perhaps, guitar music really has been thrown to the gutter? Or maybe, much like jazz before it, rock has simply gone into hiding so Mr Simmons can't exploit it any further. It's the only way to explain why people complain about there being no guitar music out there while Deaf Wish sits under their noses waiting to blow their minds.

Album Review: Sleepwave - Broken Compass (2014 LP)

In my books, Spencer Chamberlain is rookie of the year. Since his last musical project, Underoath, he's back with the charm of Sleepwave, touching base on the genres of alternative rock with a mixture of post-hardcore elements. With this wholehearted effort of releasing, Broken Compass, it can be justified that people will come across this album as a starting point for fans that are yet to experience the wonders of this band and the affinity they have when approaching experimentation and taking it to the next level.

Album Review: The Growlers - Chinese Fountain (2014 LP)

Listening to The Growlers is like taking a step into a world filled with smoke, swirling colours and good company, where it’s always the weekend and you’re not always quite sure how to stand upright. It is this comfortable, chilled out and completely laidback attitude that stands out in the Californian band’s 2014 LP release, Chinese Fountain.

Album Review: Hands Like Houses - reimagine (2014 EP)

One word I can think of when listening to this EP is 'Wow'. Hands Like Houses have definitely stepped up a notch with their reimagine EP and it's obvious that the boys have worked extremely hard on this and it is without fail one of the most beautiful releases you can ever come across this year. The success they reaped from their last release, Unimagine, was incredible and with due respect, this EP creates an atmosphere that clears the mind and soul. It embodies intricacies that only one can understand when it comes to the power of connection and substance. It is the cathartic pleasure one hears when they inevitably come across something so meaningful, so true and so honest.

Album Review: Willow Beats - Water (2014 EP)

Water is more than a name on Willow Beats new EP. It is an aesthetic theme that encompasses the release and ties together this diverse set of songs. Samples are littered across the record, sounds of dripping taps, gushing waterfalls, trickling streams, waves lapping against the shore litter the record. It’s an ambitious technique from the young uncle and niece duo, which in lesser hands could have come off as gimmicky. Here they exhibit more than enough song writing smarts to meld them into the narrative rather than being a novelty unto themselves.

Album Review: Mere Women - Your Town (2014 LP)

On my first listen to Mere Women’s Your Town, I was hardly surprised to find that after the album had finished I had grown a natural glaze of eyeliner and a feathered mullet. Your Town is the Sydney Post–punk trio’s second album, though the first signed to Melbourne label Poison City Records and it could not be more different than the labels usual pop-punk offerings. Touring near nonstop since the release of Your Town, including the beloved Weekender Fest, it’s clear that this record already has a cult following. Whether it's a Scientology or a Jonestown cult isn't clear, but what is clear is why the album already has so many devoted followers.

Album Review: Jamie T - Carry On The Grudge (2014 LP)

It came out of nowhere, but the significance of a simple handwritten note posted from Jamie T‘s facebook page was huge. It meant the greatly missed Jamie Treays was back after four long years. Not long after the post, we got to hear ‘Don’t You Find’ and, finally, news of the UK musician’s third album Carry On The Grudge: and it may not be what you’re expecting.

Album Review: Dead Letter Circus - Stand Apart (2014 EP)

Not quite a follow-up but definitely a supplement to their monumental 2013 album The Catalyst Fire comes Stand Apart - a 25-minute EP from Brissy rockers Dead Letter Circus. But just how good is it? Dave Roberts delivers his verdict...

Album Review: BANKS - Goddess (2014 LP)

Sultry LA songstress BANKS has made a well-deserved name for herself with the release of her debut album, Goddess, and is well on the way to becoming something huge in the electronic pop scene. Listening to her work is a unique experience full of life that’s relatable, youthful and mature all at once – someone to watch out for and simultaneously someone to look up to, this girl is doing everything right.

Album Review: Catfish And The Bottlemen - The Balcony (2014 LP)

Fans of the UK indie-pop scene rejoice, there's a new "Next Big Thing" on its way. They go by the name of Catfish and The Bottlemen, and they should be awarded this title with good reason. Illuminating the best parts of the old school Brit-pop alumni, circa Oasis, while booming with the freshness of current day colleagues like Artic Monkeys, their debut full length The Balcony is set to be released in Australia on the 19th of September and if I didn't insist you pick it up this Friday I doubt I'd be able to look myself in the mirror again.