Album Review: Morrissey - World Peace is None of Your Business (2014 LP)

Poetic and grudge fuelled, Morrissey resumes his polarising solo career with studio album number 10, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. It’s a wrestle with relevance that aging icons face as every new release is met with a healthy dose of cynicism, but veterans don’t always show their age. Bowie nailed it with The Next Day, as did Tom Waits with Bad As Me but Morrissey misses the mark of true reinvention on this effort.

Album Review: Rise Against - The Black Market (2014 LP)

Their first since 2011's Endgame, Rise Against are back in style with The Black Market, released in Australia earlier this month. Needless to say, the punk rockers of Chicago, Illinois have clearly shown their compatibility towards sheer greatness when it comes to releasing new music and with their consistent efforts as a band, it's not a surprise that their fans remain loyal to this day. Being edgy and trendy isn't just what makes this band so talented but it is remarkable to see how much they have grown in their development as committed musicians and this release only reflects part of what they really bring to the table.

Album Review: Theory of a Deadman - Savages (2014 LP)

With their upcoming release of Savages, Canadian band, Theory of a Deadman bring to the table a mixture of post-grunge elements with an edgy, alternative rock style in this anticipated album. It's safe to say that they have become much more creative and have taken a number of musical risks, exploring further into their unique genre of rock.

Album Review: Gabby Young and Other Animals - One Foot In Front Of The Other (2014 LP)

Gabby Young returns after a heavy dose of touring with her third album One Foot In Front Of The Other, an eclectic mix of operatic classical jazzy folk choir that works together like one of Young's artful outfits.

Album Review: Bleachers - Strange Desire (2014 LP)

I saw maybe five minutes of Bleachers' performance in Texas earlier in the year at SXSW, definitely not enough to form any kind of opinion of a band. I knew the basics. The band was the new project of fun. guitarist Jack Antonoff and as still a baby of band, releasing debut single "I Wanna Get Better" this February. The debut album from the New York 'power-indie' act, Strange Desire, is out now and came as a complete blindside for me. Without a doubt, this album is one of my favourites of 2014 and I think before long, Bleachers will be a name many are going to be switching on to.

Album Review: Manic Street Preachers - Futurology (2014 LP)

Manic Street Preachers - Futurology

The Manic Street Preachers have always been full of conviction, and contradiction. They speak their truth, vehemently and loudly, but that isn't to say that their truth won't change. Nothing is static, especially the Manics.

Album Review: Betty & Oswald - Betty & Oswald (2013 EP)

18 minutes doesn't seem quite long enough to make an lasting musical imprint, but apparently it is enough. On Betty & Oswald's debut EP, it's also enough to ensure you that accordion music can exist without making you want to throw it out the window, because it's quite a pleasant ride through the 18 minutes, accordion included.

Album Review: Sheppard - Bombs Away (2014 LP)

Sheppard have had an incredible run of late. Not only do the youngsters have a #1, smash hit, they also have an ARIA nomination under their belt. So, it is about darn time that we have a full-length release from them. Appropriately entitled Bombs Away, the album is everything we hoped it would be and more.

Album Review: Sia - 1000 Forms of Fear (2014 LP)

Sia's first album in four years, 1000 Forms of Fear is full of moving song lyrics, brooding and beats; with some pop thrown in for good measure.

Album Review: Various Artists - Ministry of Sound Sessions Eleven (LP 2014)

Two discs. 45 tracks. Two and a half hours of electro music and house beats to keep you pumping all night. Ministry of Sound are back with their Sessions compilation album and the 11th collection is another solid serving of songs.

Album Review: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Only Run (2014 LP)

Only Run is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah's fourth album, however with only two members remaining, this album was always going to raise questions on whether they would be able to maintain a sound that, let's be honest had already somewhat gone astray most noticeably on their last album, Hysterical.

Album Review: D At Sea - Anchors & Diamonds (2014 EP)

D at Sea is a musician with a natural talent. With his clever acoustic covers of various metalcore bands, it’s safe to say that he’s someone that wants to stand out from the crowd with his amazing vocals. When I first came across his cover of a track by Bring Me The Horizon, I immediately fell in love with his voice. With his recent release of his newest EP, Anchors & Diamonds, his take on music strays away from all the acoustic stuff, with a strong focus on having an ambient, experimental take on the pop and RnB genres.

Album Review: Thelma Plum - Monsters (2014 EP)

Former Triple J Unearthed winner Thelma Plum stole hearts all around the country last year with her debut EP Rosie, and now she is back bigger and better with her follow-up EP Monsters. Only being 19 years of age, it's hard to believe that she is the creator of this mature and well-crafted release.

Album Review: Patrick James - Broken Lines (2014 EP)

July will see the release of Patrick James' sophomore EP Broken Lines and one can imagine there are plenty of people across the country hanging out to hear it, and rightly so. Parts of the six track record might be familiar to some after James' past 12 months spent touring with Josh Pyke, Pete Murray and Boy & Bear, as well as singles "Wait" and "Message".

Album Review: Modern Baseball - You're Gonna Miss It All (2014 LP)

It's very likely that pop punk – good, honest pop punk, pop punk about pizza and heartbreak and how you're too good for this town – never really went away, but it seemed like it did. It seemed a lot like emo killed it at the same time as it was raising it up because all of a sudden it was about skinny jeans and synths and no one was wearing scuffed up vans and writing songs about girls called 'Chelsea' or 'Allison' anymore.