Album Review: Mineral - Discography 1994-1998 (2014 reissue double LP)

Mineral shocked the majority of the punk world back in the time of April 24th by announcing they were getting back together to break some hearts once more. Despite the images of boy band comebacks that the above intro conjures up, Mineral remains one of the best kept secrets of the 1990 emo scene. Beginning in Texas in 1994, it took three years to cement their legacy as pioneers of the modern emo sound.

Album Review: Such Gold - The New Sidewalk (2014 LP)

There's no real definition of "punk hardcore"- something of a pop punk evolution - and when it comes to bands such as Such Gold, we see a band who don't give a shit about how their music is defined as long as they're having a baller of a time creating it. With the band's sophomore release, The New Sidewalk, the boys have definitely pushed against the currents of the ocean and have released something edgy and fun-fetching.

Album Review: Tkay Maidza - Switch Tape (2014 EP)

Tkay Maidza has been stealing hearts all over via countless collaborations with highly acclaimed artists as well as dropping her own material left right and center. Her debut EP release Switch Tape sees the rap artist finally release two amazing singles in the one place.

Album Review: TV On The Radio - Seeds (2014 LP)

You’ve got to give credit where credit is due: TV On The Radio are one of the most consistent bands in indie rock. From the cold, cutting post-punk aesthetic of Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes to the colourful funk of Dear Science, each of their studio albums has showcased a different side of this Brooklyn act, adding another piece to the increasingly complex puzzle whilst still flaunting their trademark quirks. Their latest album Seeds is an abnormally poppy affair, casting throbbing synths, jaunty guitar licks and lovelorn lyricism into the limelight whilst still making time to show off the crazed vocal antics of Tunde Adebimpe and Kyp Malone.

Album Review: Rolls Bayce - Self Titled (2014 EP)

There's a bit of excitement around Rolls Bayce at the moment, which is understandable, what with ex-members of Hungry Kids Of Hungary and Millions making up their members, as well as a handful of catchy psych-pop tracks making up their live sets.

Album Review: Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You (2014 LP)

It's been an interesting time for the faces of contemporary post-hardcore. La Dispute released their most toned down works without the label of spoken word, anthemic poster boys of the genre Touché Amore have announced a hiatus after a career almost as long as their albums and acts like Iceage and Perfect Pussy continue to climb higher and higher into the public's consciousness despite solely creating noise designed to alienate them. It's this climate that makes what was supposed to be the curveball of fan favourites Pianos Become the Teeth's major label debut Keep You accepted with such open arms.

Album Review: Ariel Pink - Pom Pom (2014 LP)

LA based psychedelic pop-rocker Ariel Pink seems to be psychic in what will take off next. His last album, Mature Themes, which was released in 2012, received critical acclaim. In all likelihood Pom Pom will earn the same reception.

Album Review: Foo Fighters - Sonic Highways (2014 LP)

Ever since the Foo Fighters released Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Dave Grohl and the group have explored new ways to inspire themselves creatively after it started to seem that the road towards stadium rock was littered with overproduction and fairly uninspired music. Even the band agree that their 2007 record was far from their best work. And they had no intentions of going down the same road when the time came for their next record. In many ways, they embodied the idea that to move forward, you have to go back.

Album Review: Sincerely, Grizzly - Halves (2014 LP)

On previous Sincerely, Grizzly EPs, you can get a strong idea of where this Adelaide trio's influences lay. They also demonstrated the band's ambitious approach to arrangement and layering of sound which, over the course of the past year and a half especially, has been brilliantly worked for live shows around the country. Their debut album Halves, however, has taken some time in seeing the light of day, recorded over a two year period and earning a great deal of hype as a result of the busy year Sincerely, Grizzly have had on the road. Finally being released this week, Halves is well worth the wait and it's a fitting debut album for a band who has been putting as much effort into developing for themselves a strong and determined presence on the live front as they have in the studio.

Album Review: Les Sins - Michael (2014 LP)

Chillwave producer Toro y Moi is back! Well sort of... same man, different beats - all of it wonderfully chill - with the release of his debut LP Michael at the end of last month under the name Les Sins. Compared to the music we've come to know from Toro, Michael goes for more of a house vibe, or perhaps it’s more accurate to say that Les Sins is Toro's dance music alter ego.

Album Review: Twin Atlantic - Great Divide (2014 LP)

Showcasing a rock and roll side to their style of music, Twin Atlantic are back with their third studio album, Great Divide. It can be acknowledged that the boys have nurtured their songwriting skills and have aimed for a sentimental direction into their songs and with that, they have experimented with both creating slow and fast-paced songs in order to develop a balance in which they are able to find themselves standing out from the alternative rock scene. Some may say that the sound in which the band create is similar to bands such as Biffy Clyro and You Me At Six and knowing this can help their music become more accessible to fans.

Album Review: Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders - Playmates (2014 LP)

In the three years between the release of Love Is Gone and Hurtsville Jack Ladder’s music underwent a substantial change in direction. Love Is Gone was written using simple lines, the idea was that the songs could be taken and openly interpreted by whoever was playing with Ladder at the time. When Kirin J Callinan joined the band he and Ladder went about completely deconstructing the songs and pieced them back together, with Ladder’s baritone the only landmark to remind of where we had been.

Album Review: Echosmith - Talking Dreams (2013 LP)

Adding vibrancy to the palette, indie-pop band Echosmith exceed the expectations of most bands. With their catchy and bright-eyed music, it's hard to not keep up the energies resonating from their debut LP, Talking Dreams, which has finally received an Australian release. Formerly gaining their music recognition from YouTube, it's safe to say that the Los Angeles band have gained noticeable attention from people of the music industry and have quickly climbed the ranks since its original release at the end of last year.

Album Review: Run The Jewels - Run The Jewels 2 (2014 LP)

Run The Jewels are the type of friend that smacks you over the back of the head and tells you to stop being such a damn fool and get your shit back in line. Whilst on the surface it may seem like Killer Mike and EL-P are just yelling obscenities at you and its hurting your precious feelings, what they are really doing is making your life wonderful. You only realise this when you piece together that they have dropped one of the best records of the year early, and for free.

Album Review: Los Tones - Psychotropic (2014 LP)

The Los Tones aren’t from here. Here being the place all us non Los Tones people are from and here being the period of time us non Los Tones people live in. Psychotropic is the Sydney band’s debut record and is not just riding the wave of the garage rock resurgence in this country but is making it so much more powerful.