Album Review: Lauren Glezer - Searching For Tall (2014 EP)

Lauren Glezer's debut five track EP, Searching For Tall, reflects and signifies the beginning of a talented young folkstress. Emotional, raw and honest are words that come to mind when reflecting on the EP, which doesn't fall short on quality. It's evident that each track has been carefully crafted and perfected by Glezer, with the listener left feeling satisfied and sublime.

Album Review: Mount Sharp - Weird Fears (2014 EP)

We all love to romanticize the idea of Brooklyn and the wonderful things that have come from it. Mount Sharp are one of these wonderful things and last month they released their EP Weird Fears. It is a little weird, and their sound is a force to fear.

Album Review: Siskin River - The Hours They Keep (2014 LP)

The delightful sister duo from Northern New South Wales, Siskin River have released their debut album The Hours They Keep, a follow up to their 2012 self-titled EP.

Album Review: Royal Blood - Self-Titled (2014 LP)

Much-hyped duo Royal Blood have released their self-titled debut, a follow up to their Out of The Black EP. Is the album that became the fastest-selling rock debut in the UK worth all the acclaim it's received?

Album Review: Interpol - El Pintor (2014 LP)

When Interpol recently released their new single “All The Rage Home”, all of us long-term dedicated fans started getting extremely excited about the band's return to their original sound. Sure enough, their new album El Pintor is a collection of new songs that has the doom and gloom essence, served up with super slick attitude that features prominently on their earlier records.

Album Review: Many Things - What We Are (2014 EP)

For a five track EP, Many Things' What We Are is up and down, emotionally speaking. It's moody pop, a perfect accompaniment for broken hearts and those still yearning, but then it's also endearing and uplifting at the same time. What the band has been able to do with their debut offering is give the listener something to latch on to and want more of, once its 27 minute run time is up.

Album Review: #1 Dads - About Face (2014 LP)

Melbourne's Tom Iansek is a busy, busy dude. Not only is he one half of the excellent Big Scary, but in 2011 he released a full-length LP under the moniker #1 Dads. This year, he's come out with a sophomore full-length titled About Face. There's been a bit of hype around this record and after just one listen, it's clear why. About Face is a truly accomplished album, and it has elevated #1 Dads from simple side-project status, that’s for sure.

Album Review: The New Pornographers - Brill Bruisers (2014 LP)

This gaggle of accomplished musicians collaborate again to bring us Brill Bruisers. I’m talking about cheeky, witty, synth-punk-pop-funk mashup The New Pornographers. The real question is what haven’t they done? Nonetheless, their latest album is a helluvalot of fun.

Album Review: Opeth - Pale Communion (2014 LP)

In Pale Communion, Opeth continue to explore the ground they covered in Heritage, with the album's sound based on a combination of doom, folk and 70's progressive rock.

Album Review: The Tea Party - The Ocean At The End (2014 LP)

Considering that The Tea Party have been together since ’90, give or take six years when they were apart due to “creative differences”, it’s kind of surprising that The Ocean At The End is only their eighth studio album. It seems that there’s an absolute abundance of music from this acclaimed Canadian band, but perhaps the illusion of plenty is conjured up because the music itself covers so many styles.

Album Review: Mosman Alder - Humdrum Star (2014 LP)

Mosman Alder, the 6-piece from Brisbane, are on the eve of releasing their debut LP Humdrum Star. I’ve had the great pleasure of hearing the band live on many occasions, yet this is the first I have heard of their new material. And oh my, is it sexy...

Album Review: Kishi Bashi - Lighght (2014 LP)

Life as a solo artist could get quite lonely, I’d imagine. It’s a message you could easily take from the cover of this album if you just looked closely. After running in packs with the likes of Of Montreal and Regina Spektor, Kishi Bashi’s latest LP Lighght (pronounced “Light”) is spritely with philosophy and self discovery - or whatever. Fact is, after covertly taking the blog-o-sphere by storm with his critical masterpiece 151a back in 2012, Kishi has taken to a life of musical solitary and produced an album that makes you feel, think and... appreciate shit.

Album Review: The Vines - Wicked Nature (2014 LP)

When The Vines first rose to prominence in 2002 with their fiercely brutal yet wonderfully fantastical debut Highly Evolved, something about them felt vital. 12 years on however, it seems that this Sydney trio (now made up of frontman Craig Nicholls and new members, Tim John and Lachy West) has lost its edge. Despite its status as a “two-part, 22-song manifesto”, The Vines’ sixth album, Wicked Nature continues to see them rely on the same ideas and influences that originally earned them acclaim rather than explore new territory.

Album Review: The Kooks - Listen (2014 LP)

If the latest release from The Kooks could be summed up in one word, it would be “groovy”. The entirety of their brand new album Listen is full of fresh, funky beats, catchy guitar riffs and rhythmic vocals that keep your feet tapping and your head bopping, whether you like it or not.

Album Review: Concord America - Suns Out Guns Out (2014 EP)

It’s been a while since I’ve been floored by an EP, but Concord America have done it. A balls to the wall, no fucks given mix of grunge, rock, doo-wop, punk, surf rock and everything else in between, Suns Out Guns Out, the latest EP by the talented Atlanta-based trio, is a music-lovers dream.