Album Review: The Preatures - Blue Planet Eyes (2014 LP)

To say The Preatures have had a decent year in 2014 would be a slight understatement. From the tight knit Sydney music community where they've been building a solid reputation over the years, to now gracing festival stages and headline capacity gigs around the world, the group have managed to keep an air of cool amid all the chaos. Their much anticipated debut album, Blue Planet Eyes follows on from two successful and popularly received EPs and it's safe to say it's lived up to the hype.

Album Review: Bluejuice - Retrospectable (2014 Compilation)

I was in America when I found out Bluejuice were calling time on their 13 year long career. My Facebook feed was full of 'What the fuck?' statuses, but at the same time, I think there was a bit of sad acceptance there. You could tell it was coming. Along with the massive tour that has taken Jake, Stav, Jamie and crew around the country over that past few months, fans have been gifted one last record, a little 'thanks for the good times' parting album in the 'Greatest Hits' compilation, Retrospectable. Featuring cuts from their three studio albums, as well as some new tracks, it's the perfect playlist for the Bluejuice fan who isn't quite ready to let go yet, and for those of us who can now look back fondly on the past few years of creative chaos and fun that have been associated with this bunch.

Album Review: Glass Caves - Alive (2014 LP)

Showing remnants of the Arctic Monkeys, four-piece alternative/indie-rock band Glass Caves have released their debut album, Alive. What can I say? The band are off to a great start. With electrifying vibes resonating in the record, and vocals that echo from track to track, it's something quite accessible for anyone that wants something that will satisfy their thirst for indie music.

Live DVD Review: Dream Theater - Breaking The Fourth Wall (Live From The Boston Opera House) (2014 Live DVD)

As many of you know, i’m a massive Dream Theater fan. Unashamedly (and to get the plug out of the way) I’m also the co-head of the Fan club of Australia and New Zealand, have interviewed three of the band members, and this week will be seeing them for the third time for some epic multiple-hour long proggy music fanfare, my excitement for which can only be summed up by squealing like a girl.

Album Review: Cold War Kids - Hold Your Home (2014 LP)

Hold My Home is the latest album from Cold War Kids, that band who had that song about a clothesline (I have been informed that the song is 'Hang Me Out To Dry' and may not actually have been about a clothesline) that we all listened to way, way too much back in the glory days of 2006. Hold My Home is their fifth studio album and was released earlier this month.

Album Review: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard - I'm In Your Mind Fuzz (2014 LP)

What exactly is Mind Fuzz? How can one find themselves in it? Can you touch it or do you feel it inside you? Can someone else’s Mind Fuzz enter another person’s mind? These are the questions the AU asked when they heard King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard would soon be sharing their latest album I’m In Your Mind Fuzz. It’s not hitting the shelves until October 31st, but in the last week we’ve had a somewhat philanthropic adventure decoding the mysterious message this Melbourne group have shared.

Album Review: Die! Die! Die! - SWIM (2014 LP)

Last week I got the honour of seeing New Zealandian noise punk band Die! Die! Die! play in an environment that truly suited them: inside a giant dockyard hanger. Hooked up to a system bigger than some stages it was clear they were out to do damage. As the hostile noise spilled out, people found it difficult to stay close to the stage.

Album Review: Ruu Campbell - Heartsong (2014 LP)

Every now and then an album comes along that grabs hold of my attention right from the start; it demands to be listened to, again and again. Heartsong, the debut album from English singer-songwriter Ruu Campbell, is one such album. With rich plaintive strings and minimalist guitar Heartsong is a beautifully sublime record that brings to mind the ethereal folk songs of Nick Drake and John Martyn.

Album Review: Rowland S. Howard - Six Strings That Drew Blood (2014 LP)

Rowland S. Howard's legacy can be rivalled by few others. His legion of admirers are more like disciples than they are fans as what they lack in numbers they make up for in devotion. An outpouring of tributes followed his sad passing in late 2009 from every corner of the globe, further proving his profound influence was far from isolated to just this continent. His prolific body of work has continued to be celebrated posthumously via tribute shows, a documentary and now a soon to be released anthology entitled Six Strings That Drew Blood; a collection of 32 songs that comprehensively document the best of Rowland’s work in all incarnations.

Album Review: Montgomery - New Clear War (2014 EP)

It seems like the I OH YOU family are adopting all the right people these days, and Montgomery is no exception. Coolly sitting at the other end of the scale to the likes of Violent Soho, Montgomery's debut EP brings some tender stylings to the label and lives up to the hype in such an unassuming way. Boasting six subtle but lush tracks that were co-produced with Tom Scary (aka Tom Iansek of Big Scary), New Clear War is the soundtrack to the coming summer nights.

Album Review: Primus - Primus and The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble (2014 LP)

The gap isn’t as wide as it was when Primus first reemerged with Green Naugahyde after their 12-year hiatus from Anti-Pop. But, three years is still enough time to say “Guess who's come back for more...” Primus have just released their 8th studio album Primus and The Chocolate Factory with The Fungi Ensemble. True to Primus fashion, it’s weird and wonderful which is perhaps perfect for this re-imagining of the weird and wonderful story Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Album Review: The Love Junkies - Blowing On the Devil’s Strumpet (2014 LP)

Fremantle trio The Love Junkies have released their sophomore LP Blowing On The Devil’s Strumpet. Unlike so many bands that find themselves swamped in a sophomore slump, The Love Junkies have prevailed with a great new suite of songs. It doesn't feel that long ago that they played a gig at my town’s local bar... and now here they are with a second album. They grow up so fast!

Album Review: Client Liaison - Client Liaison (2014 EP)

Client Liaison are unabashedly retro. Everything about them from the old school mobile phone pasted across their EP cover, their music clips filmed almost purely on self-repaired, discontinued analogue video cameras. Down to the outfits the duo drape themselves in on stage.

Album Review: Vance Joy - Dream Your Life Away (2014 LP)

Sometime last year, the world was alerted to the existence of 'sexiest bachelor of the year' nominee Vance Joy with the explosion of single Riptide. Since April 2013 the wave of Vance Joy has been growing, culminating in the release of this new album: Dream Your Life Away the 9th of September. With a history in music including a degree from Monash, it's no wonder this album has been so hyped up especially since the Release of the Hottest 100 winning song 'Riptide'. So does the hype pay off?

Album Review: You+Me - rose ave. (2014 LP)

A bond shared between two friends is a special thing, but to be able to share what you’re most passionate about can make this bond even stronger. Created by both Dallas Green (of City and Colour) and Alecia Moore (P!nk), rose ave. is a collaborative effort made by both talented musicians and one that can be appreciated by many people who crave for music that will keep them at ease.