Album Review: Ted Danson With Wolves - WWTDWWD? (2014 LP)

album cover for Ted Danson With Wolves: loading cranes in an industrial skyline

Sydney post-punk outfit Ted Danson With Wolves describe themselves as “a noodly four piece”, which isn’t inaccurate, but neither would “shouty four piece”. I just described them as “post-punk”, by which I really just mean they demonstrate an appreciation for the aesthetic pleasure of abrasion, without dwelling unimaginatively in that space. An arguably equally lazy description would be “experimental rock”. They are fresh, unusual, and hard to categorise.

Album Review: Perfect Pussy - Say Yes To Love (2014 LP)

Buzz band Perfect Pussy continue to excite with their debut album Say Yes To Love. This spunky punk rock band from Syracuse have resurfaced from their 2013 EP I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling, releasing an infectious album that will have you jumping from all four walls.

Album Review: Pixies - Indie Cindy (2014 LP)

A lot has happened since the Pixies last released an album. Kurt Cobain died. The Berlin Wall came down. A prince was born but the People’s Princess and the King of Pop passed. Kids traded in their cassettes for iPods and Apple Inc. became a force to be reckoned with. North Korea made several (mind you, fruitless) threats of mass destruction and Australia finally said sorry. Contrary to what their devoted fans would like to believe, the Pixies have also suffered from the inevitable effects of time and this is eminently apparent on Indie Cindy, their first album since 1991’s Trompe Le Monde.

Album Review: Paolo Nutini "Caustic Love" (2014 LP)

Paolo Nutini got a lucky break when David Sneddon was delayed at the start of a performance in 2003 and Nutini won a spot to sing a few numbers. His ongoing success, however, is not just dumb luck, but is a result of his enduring and ever-growing talent.

Album Review: Teen - The Way And Colour (LP 2014)

Brooklyn’s Teen are releasing The Way And Colour, the follow up record to their 2012 debut In Limbo on April 22nd. The album is a somewhat surprising progression from the group, moving away from the fuzzy psych sound that made their debut such a joy to listen to.

Album Review: Royal Blood - Out of the Black (2014 EP)

If you haven't heard of Royal Blood, there's a chance you're living under a large, soundproof rock. The UK duo have been everywhere over the last few months, and have released their debut EP Out of the Black.

Album Review: Tinpan Orange - The Remix EP (2014 EP)

Tinpan Orange have teamed up with local producers to inject liveliness into some of their otherwise sombre gems. The Remix EP sees three tracks from the indie folkster’s fourth album release, Over The Sun (2012) being remixed by various producers.

Album Review: Ball Park Music - Puddinghead (2014 LP)

Ball Park Music just get better. Puddinghead is their third album within two years, they're touring, again (do they ever stop?) and they've just guest programmed Rage. This young Brisbane five-piece have shown everyone they're here to stay.

Album Review: Holy Holy - The Pacific (2014 EP)

It’s hard to describe Holy Holy as anything other than brilliant, and their debut EP stands up to that description proudly. Making waves in late 2013 with single "Impossible Like You", The Pacific makes its way into your head and swirls around until you are well and truly satisfied with your choice to listen. The only problem? It’s not nearly long enough!

Album Review: Todd Terje - It's Album Time (2014 LP)

Given that most of our attention spans are shorter than a girl’s shorts at Future Music Festival, two years (let alone ten) is an awfully long time to be waiting for a debut album. Yet after a decade on the Scandinavian music scene and countless disco-tinged mixes, Norwegian producer/masterful mixer Todd Terje has finally stopped twiddling his thumbs and decided: It’s Album Time.

Album Review: Bam Bam - The Good Life (2014 EP)

There is a certain vibrancy in Bam Bam's flow that places him perfectly on energetic productions like explosive opener “Feel Like I'm Alive,” which begins the bright, free-spirited string that runs through The Good Life, the young Melbourne emcee's debut EP.

Album Review: Tycho - Awake (2014 LP)

Tycho released his album Awake this week. But it’s not just Tycho anymore. He has teamed up with two others, Zac Brown and Rory O’Connor, to create this interstellar journey; the first lift off since his last album Dive in 2011. The ambient, chill wave, multi-talented moniker for Scott Hansen’s music works stands out, even with two new apostles by his side.

Album Review: The Aston Shuffle - Photographs (2014 LP)

We’ve all been waiting for this one from The Aston Shuffle for quite some time, especially after they previewed “Can’t Stop Now” almost a year and a half ago. But it was the release of their stellar single “Tear it Down” that really turned heads had us itching for the rest of Photographs.

Album Review: Animals as Leaders - The Joy of Motion (2014 LP)

Last month, I hopped on over to see Periphery at the Metro Theatre. But, in truth, it wasn’t Periphery I was really going to see. No, for the however-many-cheap-dollars the concert was, I was really heading in to see their support act, Animals as Leaders. And of course, when the band said they were about to play a new single from their upcoming album they’d just finished recording, I was ecstatic. So, it should come as no surprise then, that this review is of the new album – The Joy of Motion.

Album Review: Manchester Orchestra - Cope (2014 LP)

Manchester Orchestra don't do singles, really. They don't do stand-out songs with catchy choruses that ease you into their weirder tracks. They may have, way back when – I mean you could say that 'Sleeper 1972' is that song – but four albums on they've definitely gone in another direction.