Live Review: The Superjesus - The Gov, Adelaide (01.02.13)

It’s been some 10 years since The Superjesus not only graced the stage, but since the band members had all been in the same room, so it was no surprise that Friday night’s show at The Gov sold out in record time. The place was already packed by 7:30, with a few hopefuls lurking outside hoping to score last minute tickets. Walking into the venue was like taking a step back into the 90’s and not because of the current fashion revival, but because a majority of this crowd were legit rock and rollers from the 90’s grunge hey-day. It was instantly obvious that this was an event that would be held dearly by so many.

If there is one thing Adelaidian’s pride themselves on, it’s clinging to the successes of any locals who make it big in the world that exists outside of the SA border and for the Adelaide rock scene, it doesn’t get much bigger than The Superjesus. The stage was decked out in the iconic Sumo backdrops (which Sarah later admitted were dusted off from the back shed of one of their parents houses in Murray Bridge), with film crew capturing the whole thing for what I can only assume will be an upcoming DVD release. This show was a big deal; a big deal for the band, and a big deal to fans who were buzzing so hard with excitement that it makes it difficult to grasp why The Superjesus ever broke up at all.

The night kicked off with fellow locals The Angels of Gung-Ho and Six Hours, two bands who fit the bill nicely with their rocky beats keeping the crowd grooving as the anticipation grew. When the moment finally arrived, The Superjesus were greeted to the stage with the warmest of welcomes and like true pro’s they fell straight back into things as though not a day had passed since they’d last played together. Sarah McLeod is as equally a captivating front-woman as she ever was and her unparalleled enthusiasm was evident and only increased by the fact that it was also her birthday. Moments like this are rare in live music and made everyone feel privileged to be there to share such an epic evening.

Despite a few glitches with the sound early on, the show was more-or-less flawless. The set covered songs from a variety of The Superjesus releases and no fan was disappointed as the band dusted off hit after hit and performed like the ship was going down. Favourites like Gravity and Stick Together were always destined to be crowd pleasers, with a much-welcome encore wrapping things up on a high note with Second Sun and Down Again. Interaction between songs was casual and super friendly, creating the vibe that the band was playing to a venue of their personal friends rather than just a roomful of strangers. Their respect and appreciation for the fans who made the effort to be there from all over the country was very evident and rewarded when the band stuck around after the gig to have photos and sign merch for what seemed like an endless line of admirers.

I have no idea if The Superjesus intend to reform, or ever even play together again, but it goes without saying that if they ever did decided to, the fans and the energy are all still there. And not going anywhere anytime soon.