Live Review: Loon Lake - Rocket Bar, Adelaide (18.10.13)

It’s a busy night in Adelaide, for a Friday. There’s a film festival on up the east end of the city and tonight, I’m rushing back into the CBD from the Adelaide Hills, where I was at a screening for one of these features. Down at Rocket Bar, there’s a sold out crowd waiting for some lads from Melbourne to play one summery set of tunes, right in time with this swing of warmer weather.

Loon Lake are winding up their Gloamer album tour in Adelaide tonight and it’s been made even more of an ‘event’, given it’s also completely sold out. As far as I know, the 20 tickets that had been put on the door hours before the show were snapped up and by the vibe already pulsating through the venue, people are in a celebratory mood that’s for sure. I’m happy I was able to get to see the guys perform – my memories of them at Falls are hazy, and the time before that was when they were supporting either Bluejuice or Faker…a long time ago.

The album is a fun record; the music is uncomplicated and easy to absorb and man, if you’ve downed a few vodkas, you’re in for a fun time. Lead singer Sam seemed to be in a partying mood from the onset, encouraging the crowd to get rowdy and celebrate with them. The band was able to showcase a few of the album tracks tonight and they were well received, which is always a good sign. Loon Lake are one of those bands who had the potential, I think, to simmer out if they were out of the limelight for too long, but I truly believe that Gloamer came out at just the right time.

It was hard not to dance along to the effervescence of each guitar riff and, with Nolan’s vocals on great form tonight, all the elements were falling into place. Standouts obviously included “Cherry Lips” and “In The Summer” and “Bad To Me”, while it’s obvious that “Carolina” is becoming a memorable staple for the band’s live show for a reason. All in all, it was a fun set tonight that the band had to be happy with – I left the club before post-tour partying kicked into full swing, but I’ve got no doubt that there were many hours of it which followed long after that final song played.